Roslane and Keith

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Atlas Movie Theatre in Midway Mall, Elyria, Ohio

How We Met

Keith and I met on 9/11/2010 during a summer concert in Ohio. We went with our respective group of friends, and by coincidence, we met through a mutual friend. Keith and I started talking and spend the rest day getting with each other. Together we shared a few slow dances and our first kiss in the rain.

How They Asked

It all started on Memorial Day weekend 2018! Keith was being extremely secretive the whole week leading up to our engagement. He was receiving multiple secret phone calls which I wasn’t allowed to hear and getting a lot of texts messages I couldn’t see. I even told him he was being really secretive and he responded that he wasn’t. At some point during the week leading up to the proposal, Keith told me we were going to see Deadpool 2 with a friend in a movie theater that we never go to and which was quite far from our usual hang outs. Keith told me his friend didn’t want to see the movie alone and that theater is close to his house. I was a little suspicious, but I didn’t really think anything of it. On Saturday the day of the proposal was like any other day. The movie wasn’t until later that night. Keith took me out to dinner and afterward we went to the movie. We arrived a bit early and waited for the movie to start. A few other friends joined us as well as Keith’s brother and his girlfriend. We sat down in the theater and Keith excuses himself and left the theater. The previews started except it wasn’t movie previews you would expect. It was a video of a 100 movie kisses with the song “Kiss Me” in the background. Once the video was over the Bruno Mars song, Marry You started playing behind me. I turn around and Keith is dressed as Deadpool with a boom box raised over his head. He walked down the aisle and got down on his knee and he asked me to marry him!! He even added a few lines from the first Deadpool movie into his proposal. Needless to say, I said yes!! My heart was beating so fast that according to my iWatch my pulse went as high as 158 beats/minute, and I completely missed like half the movie because I could stop staring at my ring and my heart was still beating way too fast to concentrate on anything else!!! We even had friends taking videos of the whole thing!!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Atlas Movie Theatre in Midway Mall, Elyria, Ohio