Rosie and Will

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How We Met

It was my senior year in college. My closest college girlfriends and I vowed to spend our final year of college soaking in every moment together. Going along with this, we decided to do a big trip together for spring break as our last celebration before graduation. Lizzie’s parents offered their beach house in Galveston, Texas for our perfect girls getaway. Little did I know, this trip would change my life forever. We packed in Lizzie’s brothers suburban, discovered the mix called “Lotion” and drove to Galveston from Houston. We got to the house, and were enjoying the views and each other’s company with wine. A few of the girls looked out the front window to see that there was a group of guys at Lizzie’s neighbors house across the street. Of course, all of us ran to the windows to take a look. Half of the girls wanted to go over and see if they wanted to hang out. The other half, which included me, wanted to keep this a girls weekend- without boys- just us.

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We couldn’t decide what to do, and then Valerie chimed in and literally said, “Girls, someone could meet her soul mate.” She told us the story about her friend Danielle, who met her boyfriend (now husband) on spring break, and that anyone can meet anywhere. After Val’s motivating speech, we decided to all take a walk up and down the street to scope out their house. Sarah stepped on a dead frog and screamed. We knew if we were going to go up to the door, this was it. A group of girls went to their door; meanwhile the others rushed back to the house and watched from the windows. That’s of course where I was. We saw our girls introduce themselves and talking, and then to our surprise, they left and walked back. The guys apparently had quite the game of darts going that just couldn’t be interrupted at the moment. We went on with our night, finished our wine, and then eventually started getting ready for bed. I had just taken off my contacts and just started folding over the sheets of my bed when I heard Lizzie scream for us.

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We all came out of our rooms and she said you guys, look, they’re coming over! All of us rushed to the windows along the staircase to see five guys walking over with a case of beer. We all started shrieking and running around the house and changing so it looked like we weren’t going to bed. We ended up playing quite the icebreaker: flip cup. Since there were more girls than boys, we did teams of Texas verses the Midwest. In case you were wondering, the Midwest won :) Will stood across from me and was giving me trouble to mess me up, you know, because his team was losing. We told them that we were going to be swimming at our pool in the morning and that they could come over if they wanted. They came over to swim the next day. A bird had just pooped on my head and I was still recovering from that, despite the fact that my family all told me that this was apparently good luck! Nathan and Will came up on the deck, and I offered them a beer from our cooler. Will stayed on the deck with me, and we started talking. I was very surprised by him. He was very sweet and almost came off kind of shy.

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We ended up going across the street to Matt’s house, and we rode on the paddle-boats. Matt took us all for a boat ride, and Will gave me his sweater because I was cold. Later that night, the guys grilled for usand we were all hanging out at Lizzie’s. Through all the fun and the bonding, Will and I decided to sit on the porch and just talk. We talked for hours. I’m not usually an open book, especially with people I just met, but Will was so easy to talk to. Eventually I suggested that we get back to our friends, and I walked down the front stairs of the house. He came down the stairs after me and asked me to wait as he went to sit down on the back of the suburban. I came over, still wearing his sweatshirt, and said what? He put his fingers around the front pocket of my hoodie, and pulled me in to kiss me. Nathan and Will stayed an extra day in Galveston to hang out with us. Our groups integrated completely, and it was like we had known each other all of our lives. The guys cooked with us, helped us clean, and added so much to our trip. It was the last night with Nathan and Will, and I remember thinking that this little thing, whatever it was, was beautiful and if this was all we had was here in Galveston, I was enchanted to meet him.

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At the end of their time in Galveston, everyone was teasing us that we were going to get married. Will asked for my number, and I gave it to him even though I wasn’t expecting to hear from him. The minute his Excursion drove down the street, I got a text from Will, asking if I remembered him. Will & I texted the entire rest of my trip in Galveston/Houston. When we got back to St. Louis, everyone piled into my parents cars and gushed about Will. We continued to text and started talking on the phone. Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months of talking everyday. Six months after Galveston, Will came to St. Louis to visit mefor the first time. We decided to continue with this and just see what happens. I’m normally a little too level headed, and regardless of the fact that we were in different states and this most likely would just fade away, I just went with it.

We visited each other every few months for two years. After those two years, we discussed taking it a step further and one of us moving, or going our separate ways. We decided that with the distance and being in different points in our lives that we should try to go our separate ways. We both tried to move on, and shortly dated other people. About six months later, Will started writing me love letters. He would call me and text me to lay his heart on the line, hoping I would feel the same. He drove from Colorado to St. Louis to see me for one night. I wasn’t sure if I could do the distance again. It was so hard. After a heart to heart with my mom, I decided to Face Time Will. I felt butterflies just by seeing his face, and I knew that I wanted to see him. We met in Dallas that weekend and there was no turning back. We did distance for a little less than a year, and then Will moved to St. Louis to be with me.

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It was magical, and it was fate. There are so many little things that had to happen exactly when they did in order for our paths to cross. Our story is proof that things come your way when you least expect it. Be open to things that unexpectedly come your way, for they can lead to something beautiful. Serendipity exists and is real. True love exists. Soul mates exist. Our story is better than anything I could have imagined or daydreamed. I still play it all over in my mind and can’t believe that it actually happened! Not only did it happen, but my girlfriends also witnessed it all and lived it with me. And Val was right; one of us girls did find their soul mate on spring break. I did.

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how they asked

Growing up, I always loved the beach. My dream proposal has always been on the beach during sunset, as realistic as that is! Carmel, California has always been a big part of Will’s life. Will’s family has had a vacation home in Carmel since the 50’s. It has been a tradition for them to spend their summers and some Christmases there, which I have had the pleasure of joining the past few years. Carmel is Will’s favorite place in the world. I never knew this, but Will had always known that Carmel would be the place he would propose to his future wife someday.

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We planned a five day trip to Carmel as the perfect start to summer. The plan was to fly into Oakland, rent a convertible and drive down to Carmel on Highway 1. We were so excited for this trip. We had been so busy, so we were looking forward to getting away from everything and just spending the week together. After driving across the Golden Gate Bridge, down Highway 1, all while singing our favorite 90’s music at the top of our lungs, we made it to Carmel around 4pm.

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As soon as we got there, Will asked me if I wanted to go to the beach or if I wanted to just chill at the house. I was ready to get to the beach, so Will changed his shoes and grabbed his camera to take pictures. Will is into photography and always has his camera, so I thought nothing of this. We did our usual walk on Carmel Beach down to the outskirts of Pebble Beach Golf Course. The waves were crashing into the rocks near the beach, and the sun was just starting to set. Will asked me if I wanted to take a picture.

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He set what I thought was the timer on the camera and came running over to me. We posed for a picture and then Will hugged me and asked me, “Do you know how much I love you” and I responded, “I love you so much.” He then said “Rosie, I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” Before I could really take in what was happening, he got down on one knee and asked, “Will you marry me.” Both of our childhood dreams came true that day. Our engagement was better than anything I could have dreamed of, and that entire day from start to finish was one of the best days of my life!

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