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How We Met

It was Memorial Day last year (I know so quick but when you know you know!) and it was my cousins birthday we were drinking by her pool all day! So, we normally have a tradition to meet with our friend Rob (Tony’s cousin) but we were a bit tipsy and were very close to canceling. However, we got dressed, I literally throw on something I had in my car, inner eyeliner, and mascara I LOOKED A HOT MESS. I thought it was only going to be Rob . .. little did I know! So, our cousin who hadn’t been drinking drove us to this place called Sunset Cove again part of our tradition. I was literally dragging my butt to go there I wasn’t up for it. Rob just came from the shore and was with his cousin from Michigan. So, here goes I just got out of a relationship a bad one a very bad one a few months before. In my head I was never going to meet anyone. Here is this guy now sitting next to me making me laugh and super adorable. I kept telling myself ROSIE STOP IT! You are going to be single forever, you decided that. I couldn’t help it he was soo adorable and funny. So, in true New Age Style we exchanged snapchats. I really just thought we would be buddies, my cousin Viktoria however called it that night. Tony and I snapped for a few days and finally I go to him here is my number I have bad service. I honestly did it took him all but 2.5 seconds to text me and then call me. The rest has been our story. . . our amazing, loving, wonderful, beautiful story. This is a love I only read about in stories and a love I hope every single person can one day find!!

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how they asked

Well, I kind of already had an idea that it was going to happen because when Tony asked my father for his blessing in Novemeber, my father (who can not keep a secret) told me. I know so annoying! I just had no clue when. Tony asked my dad in Decemeber and from what I know NOW my ring was suppose to be ready a few later but it wasn’t ready until the day before Lent started and we are not allowed to get engaged during lent. I am not sure if that is a Catholic thing or an Albanian Catholic thing but its a thing lol. I had no clue about any of this until after I got engaged but Decemember, January NOTHING! February, I knew it couldn’t happen.. . . So, now Easter March 27 comes I for sure thought he was going to porpose that night when we were alone. NOPE! The next day Tony who lives in Michigan was headed home. HE DIDN’T ASK!! So, I just went oh well some how he’s gonna do it. I HOPE!

This day I promised my cousin Violeta I would baby sit her children (all part of their plan). Let me tell you something. . . . I am never late, I am always early – this day I WAS LATE. . . as I was speeding and running to her house I opened the door and I see these gorgeous long stem roses and think to myself “wonder why Jeff (my cousins husband) got those for Violeta”. . . I open the door some more and THERE HE WAS!!! On one knee surrounded by ballons with our pictures from the year all around him. See, I get so embarassed so easy I mean I get embarassed for other people – especially when its about private matters. So, poor Tony had to deal with me being a bit of a jerk so I wouldn’t cry in front of people . . . if you watch the link you will see. Needless to say I said yes and I cried!!

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