Rosie and Maverick

How We Met

I sat by Maverick in 1st grade. Every single girl had a crush on him, but he moved away after second grade. The summer before junior year, he started coming to the church that my family had just left. We had both been asked to be counselors at a summer camp called Little Galilee Christian Camp. I recognized him and asked him if he remembered me. My heart sank as he said no. I tried to dismiss my newfound crush for him the whole week, but being the goofball that he is, he got up in front of 100 junior high campers and “proposed to me”. I was head over heels ever since.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in The OSF top level on the parking deck in Peoria, IL

Wedding Proposal Ideas in The OSF top level on the parking deck in Peoria, IL

how they asked

Maverick was leaving for BMT for the Air Force on July 31st, so he promised me a “fancy date” to the restaurant under the hotel I admired overtime we drove by. He wore his suit and he picked out a yellow dress for me to wear from a thrift store. We left my house at 6:00 and had dinner. It was so yummy and exciting. Once we left, Maverick drove around downtown and we jammed to our favorite songs. He told me that our friends were meeting us somewhere, but wouldn’t tell me where or who. He asked me to put on a blindfold, so I did. We drove around for what felt like 20 minutes and then started going around loops, but he was taking me to the top of the OSF Parking Deck where we had gone to watch the sunset. He stopped, opened my door, and asked me to keep the blindfold on. He lead me and when I took my blindfold off, I saw a beautiful, perfect setup and my beautiful friends who helped him pull it off. I heard all our songs playing.

He grabbed my hands and told me how badly he wants to spend his life with me and how much he loves me. He got down on one knee and asked. I cried and he cried. It was so so perfect.

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