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It was my Annual Family reunion where about 120 PLUS family member came. and like every year we play games and activities but little did I know the games were planned around this big secret that my now fiancé, brother, and cousins organized. Mostly everyone knew and I had NO IDEA! I was told a photographer was coming to take photos of the family reunion which usually we have someone taking photos but this time it was a good friend of ours. ok cool! I thought nothing of it. I’m very competitive so for this game I wanted to go first!

Proposal Ideas Family reunion

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Family reunion

I was blindfolded and had to pull clothespins off my fiancé’s shirt. as I waited to play already blindfolded everyone starts to gather around and pull out the banner and balloons,his family and our friends and some of my other family were waiting in the parking lot as they were hiding until everything was set come running over with a cake and plenty of champagne as we’re playing this game. I RIP the blindfold off feeling like I won the game and everyone JUST START SCREAMING!!! I WAS IN COMPLETE SHOCK SAYING OHMYGOD lol OVERJOYED; HE ASKED AND I SAID YES!! The rest is history!

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