Rosie and Dean

Where to Propose in Destin, Florida

How We Met

Dean and I met as kids – he was friends with my brother and I was obsessed with him! He was so kind, funny and different from anyone I’d ever known!

It was years later when we bumped into each other and the chemistry was instant – we went from getting re-acquainted to being inseparable! We’ve had huge adventures together, bought a house, extended it and filled our years with so much love and laughter!

How They Asked

We love Florida! We were on holiday there in May of 2018 and we were the ultimate beach bums. On all of our beach holidays, we always write our names or DOSIE as we’re known (a mix of Dean and Rosie) in the sand and take a photo. On this holiday, Dean wanted to do it at sunset with the beautiful pink sky behind us. He started writing the letters upside down and when he was done, I was fiddling with my phone to get a photo and he dropped to one knee.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Destin, Florida

He told me that I was his best friend and that he had something important to ask me… and of course, I said YES!!

Special Thanks

Rowena Ireland
 | Keeping everything a complete secret!