Rosie and Bobby

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How We Met

With over eight million people in New York City, the reality is singles are packed into bars, cafes, and art galleries on any given night and opportunities are always around the corner. Yet most modern romances start with a swipe right, heart tap, or electronic ping of a match notification.

Bobby was on the way out with the apps when I had just discovered them, so his profile was a fine balance between ‘I don’t care’ and a dark sense of humor that was intriguing.

I remember being on dates with other guys and giving them the hold-onto-that-thought hand gesture so I could read any incoming messages from him. He was smart, funny, artistic, Italian. He literally checked every box I had on my wishlist- a wishlist I thought I had to rewrite because no one was matching up until then.

For our first date, we met at a trendy bar in the East Village. I remember swiveling my barstool around and seeing he was more handsome than any picture he had posted on his profile. I was so happy I took a chance on the guy who had a photo of a kayak with the description saying: I love the fall and hate people who clap when the plane lands.

He was perfect.

And he looked so sharp in his plaid dress shirt. That’s when I looked down and started to feel guilty for wearing my clunky leather boots and a black hoodie under my trench coat. But about halfway through the date he mentioned how he liked my style and to this day, he still mentions those ‘little leather boots’ with a big ol’ smile.

We immediately fell into a seven-hour conversation that had the ease of long-lost friends reconnecting and the excitement of newfound lovers wanting to know every detail. We covered topics from the taboo to the mundane over a steady stream of beers and we only cut the night short because I was going to a concert with some friends later.

In fact, my friends met us at the bar to get a look at the man who captured my attention so fully. Then they led the way to the music venue while we trailed behind them; hand-in-hand with the occasional shoulder nudges and shy smiles.

When we got there we didn’t want to let go of each other. We stood toe-to-toe outside the venue talking circles around our goodbyes. Finally, Bobby went in for a goodnight kiss only to stumble on an uneven dip in the concrete and completely miss. We laughed and laughed until I finally gave him a kiss that landed. It was the perfect first date.

After about two months of dating, Bobby took the plunge and said those 3 magical words: I love you. Then he threw in some impressive bonus content: And I told my friend, ‘This is the girl I’m going to marry.’ At that point, I also knew he was the man I was going to marry.

He was everything I ever wanted in a partner.

How They Asked

Despite COVID complications, he managed to plan a beautiful surprise trip in celebration of our three year anniversary.

With the top-down and the Chromatics blasting, we headed to Long Island wine country in our bright orange jeep wrangler where we worked through flights of wine and laughed about how the charcuterie boards were reduced to pre-packaged logs of salami, wrapped cheeses, and sealed boxes of crackers. Gotta keep everything sterile and safe!

Even with the community being partially closed and there only being outdoor dining, we still found a charming place for dinner where people were dancing to live music with their plastic-cupped Moscow mules and margaritas in hand. Everyone seemed to be enjoying life and the guitarist with a silky voice. And I swear you could still somehow see big smiles behind all of the colorful printed face masks.

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The next morning before we headed out for a walk along the beach, he asked me to grab his coat. When I turned around, jacket in hand, I could see his lips straighten.

“Well, you ruined that!” he teased.

“Ruined what?” I asked as I followed his gaze to the seat behind me.

There on the antique chair sat a sleek black box. After I grabbed it and turned back, Bobby had folded down onto one knee. He split the ring box open, revealing a glittering beauty inside. I could almost hear his heart stutter when he whispered, “Will you be my wife?”

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Immediately, I took a knee as well to be at his level, and we huddled there together in a bubble of elation and love while talking excitedly about the future between kisses.

After three incredible years of laughter and friendship, he’s still perfect, he’s still the man of my dreams, he checks every box and then some.

Yes, Bobby, yes! I’m so excited to become your wife.

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