Roshini and Jimson

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How We Met

Roshini had always hoped to meet her future husband serendipitously in a coffee shop or a library but after high school, college, and medical school that had not happened…luckily for me.

She then decided it no longer mattered how she met him, just that they ended up meeting. So one night after a long day of residency, Roshini signed up for a dating app and I was her first match. We had our first date at the Library Bar in Manhattan (I guess she ended up meeting the one in a library after all!). It may have been Roshini’s first date but I knew it was my last – I knew I was going to marry her the first time we ever met.

On our second date, we hung out for over 14 hours – adventuring from museums to dinner, to bars, to finally listening to YouTube videos by the river until the early hours of the morning (I skipped a wedding I had the next day just so we could keep the date going). We went to watch the sunset for Manhattanhenge on our next date, and soon thereafter, I told my family about Roshini. Ever since then, her nickname in my family has been “Sunset” (which ironically foreshadowed our surprise engagement proposal). After a few more dates, I officially asked Roshini to be my girlfriend at the Whispering Wall in Grand Central Station, I knew she loved Harry Potter so I got her an acceptance letter to Hogwarts and wrote a letter on the back of it when I asked.

how they asked

When it came time to propose – I knew our days together were limited, Roshini had just matched for a fellowship in Minnesota and would be leaving New York shortly. I really wanted to surprise her but we both had very busy work schedules and I couldn’t find a time in New York where she would be surprised. I knew that the most important thing to her was her family so I wanted to make sure that they could be a part of it (which made it even more complicated with some of her siblings living on the West Coast).

I knew that she was going on a family trip to Greece (which she had invited me to) before she moved to Minnesota and I called her siblings one day with the crazy idea of planning a surprise engagement proposal in Santorini at sunset. I told Roshini I was too busy with work and wouldn’t be able to come to Greece and set about planning the surprise. Somehow we started talking about proposals right before she left for her trip, and to throw her off, I told her I no longer believed in engagements and that it was all a sham created by the diamond industry. She was pretty mad at me before she left, but I knew I would quickly make it up to her.

Roshini had no idea that I was coming to Greece and so I flew in to Santorini (the last leg of her trip before returning home) for a whirlwind 48 hours. On the day of the proposal, Roshini’s siblings convinced her that that they were going for a family photo session (her brother even made up a fake email chain with a photographer). They arrived at the venue and after a couple of photos – the photographer handed her a note that I had written.

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The note held the password to a Cryptex (think Da Vinci Code) that I had custom made for her, by the same designer who had actually made Dan Brown his own Cryptex many moons ago. The password to the Cryptex was “Always” – a reference to one of our favorite scenes from Harry Potter and the way I signed all of my letters to her. Meanwhile, I was hiding about 10 feet away and watching all of this unravel through a slightly cracked window overlooking the Aegean Sea.

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As soon as she opened the Cryptex, I walked out from where I was hiding and surprised her! I had been planning for months just to see that look on her face and it was far better than anything I had imagined. To complete the Harry Potter theme, I had replaced the engagement ring box with a Golden Snitch and got down on one knee and asked her to marry me!

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