Rosetta and Sal

Image 1 of Rosetta and Sal

How We Met

Sal & I known each other for about ten years. When he was 19 & I was 17 we met through his sister, who has been my best friend since we met in high school. Sal & I dated when we were younger and then went our “separate ways”. In 2018, we started seeing each other again.

How They Asked

On May 2, 2020, he asked me to marry him. My cousin Rosario owns Panini Grill & due to the pandemic, Sal’s original plan was rearranged and planned something really special.

Image 3 of Rosetta and Sal

He got together with my siblings and his siblings and they all helped plan the special day. I went to Panini Grill thinking I was just picking up food, but when I opened up the door, my whole life changed.

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Special Thanks

Salvina & Rosalia Mannino
 | Planning
Arianna Casazza & Sal & Peter Sorrentino
 | Planning
Rosario Macri
 | Planning