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How We Met

We met on a dating website, Plenty of Fish- I know so cliche. I was skeptical at first, in fact, I did not even want to join. But my cousin’s Sarah and Michele INSISTED that I join. I had just ended a pretty bad relationship and figured it was time to curse out all men. I never had problems meeting men, I am very social and can start a conversation with anyone, so when this silly commercial came on (the first and last time I EVER seen it) I just laughed. But, off they went to sign me up and then I found myself creating a profile. The whole time thinking….what the hell am I doing? I was finishing up my Senior year in college and working my shift at a catering hall in Westchester County- I was a receptionist. Before I left I remembered that I had this profile so I checked it out and to my surprise I had 47 messages. I skipped all but 2. The first was a dud- he took me on a date and I later realized….he was a felon (LOL funny now but not then!!) Then I came to Dave’s message, his profile, and was instantly hooked. He had a way with words that made me swoon and he was genuine and authentic. I was living with my Aunt at the time in the Bronx while finishing up school so when she found out that he was going to meet me and how I met him it was very VERY clear that we couldn’t go any further than the front of her house (she’s my father’s sister- very Sicilian!). We watched Family Guy in his car and I rapped some B.I.G for him! LOL It’s been the best 6 years since then.

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how they asked

It was September 17th- we had just finished a 30 day diet and he suggested we go hiking at Bear Mountain and it was the day before my sister in laws bridal shower. Without questioning it I said yes because we love to hike and it was a Saturday that we finally had no plans. Let me back track a bit- in the 6 years we have been together I always threw hints as to wanting him to propose in front of our families. Family is important to both of us. I have a family of 6 (4 older brothers me and my sister) and he is a family of 3 (his older brother him and his sister). We currently have a combined number of 10 nieces and nephews and we are very close to our parents. My father, unfortunately passed away Christmas Eve morning of 2012 so us getting engaged and having our families there was a big deal to me because I wanted the whole family to celebrate the love and happiness we shared. After the hike- we took the long scenic route home. He showed me a few places that he and his cousin Fabio had stopped previously to eat when they went for their motorcycle rides because he loved the food at this one place and said that he wants to go back there. Again- not suspicious because we’re also both foodies- not connoisseurs- we just love to eat LOL!!! On our way back to our house in Whitestone, NY he said to me, “Babe, I need to stop by your moms house to get the big fan from the garage so I can work on my motorcycle because our garage gets hot.” Again, this was not unusual because he LOVES his motorcycle and he is always customizing it or changing something and my father had the best fan to get that circulation going.

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So we headed towards my moms. He gets out of the car and so do I because since he is a “man’s man”- I KNEW it was not just for the fan… he was going to spend at least an hour or two checking out his current tool selection that we stored in her garage so I said I would go inside to nap. My mother was out with my sister in law for her dress fitting and my sister was working at the hair salon so I figured- a quiet home, I’ll snack on something, and nap. We get to the door and he tells me he doesn’t have the garage key and being that I have my keys with my moms house keys on them I tell him that there may be a garage key spare in the house. We both walk in and to my surprise our families are there waiting with cameras and their phones out. I was so shocked until I realize our little niece Julianna hand him a ring box… and I lost it!!! The ring also did not go on UNTIL I made it fit LOL!!! Love of my life, together since 1*26*11- engaged 9*17*16 – getting married 7*16*17 xoxoxo

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