Roselyn and Elmer

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Newport Beach, CA

How We Met

We met post-college and relatively early in our prospective careers. We shared a common workplace but did not know each other until we “connected” on social media. It was the Summer of 2016 when we had our first date. Initially, Elmer had planned for us to watch the sunset at Newport Beach, but he got lost and we ended up in Huntington Beach. From there our curiosity for one another lead to more and more dates. We dated, we fell in love, and we moved in together. Little did I know, that three years later, Elmer would plan an elaborate proposal in Newport Beach, this time not getting lost ­as we sailed into the sunset.­­

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Newport Beach, CA

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Proposal Ideas Newport Beach, CA

Roselyn's Proposal in Newport Beach, CA

How They Asked

I knew the proposal was coming, I just didn’t know how or when. Going into the weekend of our third year dating anniversary, I was in high alert thinking Elmer was going to propose, but at the same time, I was mentally preparing myself in case it didn’t because Elmer was doing a good job convincing me it might be the coming holidays. On the day of our actual anniversary, we planned a fancy dinner in Laguna Beach, a romantic dinner with an ocean sunset view (thanks to a recommendation of a friend). Prior to dinner, Elmer said he wanted to take pictures on the beach with his drone, plus my DSLR camera. So of course, I assumed, this was going to be “the moment” that he would propose…but he didn’t. Fast forward to dinner, we arrived at a candlelit table with a picture framed of us with a picture-perfect SoCal sunset in front of us, plus champagne for us to celebrate our anniversary. Everything was so perfect, from the view, the service, to the food, & let’s not forgot about the bottle of wine that Elmer kept pouring into my glass. Dinner came & went, we went home, ended the night…and no proposal. I remember going to bed a little disappointed but also a little tipsy.

The following day, Elmer was being secretive of what our plans for the day would be, and I was being bratty & didn’t want to do anything. He mentioned that he wanted to go to the beach…again to take pictures with his drone. We ended up at Corona Del Mar, only to stumble upon his good friend (that lives in Las Vegas) waiting for us to take our pictures…I freaked out a little because I was definitely convinced that he was going to propose during the photo shoot. While we posed for photos, Elmer kept saying cute whispers in my ear about how much he loved me and how much he wanted forever with me. I was seriously an emotional wreck and cried multiple times during the photo shoot because I really thought he was going to propose…but he didn’t. The photoshoot came & went, his friend parted ways with us, and by this time I was getting hangry…and no proposal.

After the photoshoot, we made our way to Newport Beach for a late lunch/early dinner. I was emotionally exhausted from the weekend, overthinking that Elmer was going to propose, that I was ready to call it a day after we ate, but Elmer advised that he had one more thing planned. After we ate, Elmer started to walk towards the docks & started opening gates that led to docks full of boats & yachts. I followed Elmer with confusion as he led me to a boat where he casually greeted the Captain, like no big deal. I was literally freaking out as we boarded the boat, and was convinced that this was it, he’s going to finally propose. Before we set sail, the Captain showed us around the boat, then we made our way to the bow of the boat, while we drank champagne as the Captain led us out to sea to watch the sunset. Elmer & I were enjoying the moment & decided to take a selfie when all of a sudden I see a figure photobombing our picture & I assumed it was the Captain coming towards us…but it wasn’t…it was Elmer’s good friend again who took our photoshoot earlier in the day, who came from out of nowhere, casually saying, “don’t mind me, just here to take pictures.”

At this point, I was super confused but also super excited because I knew what was coming, Elmer was definitely going to propose, and this was “the moment.” We sat at the front of the boat and Elmer recommended that we exchange our anniversary cards. Elmer read my card to him out loud & insisted that he read his card to me. As he read his card to me, I was bawling my eyes out. He wrote about us, our love, & wanting forever with me. When he finished reading the card, we both stood up, holding hand in hand, staring at one another with the sunset right in front of us.

Right when I thought he was going to FINALLY get on one knee, I see another figure approaching us from the back…and it happened to be my best friend with a camera in hand, snapping away photos of Elmer and me despite the rocky waters. At this point, I’m full-on crying, confused on how my bestie got on the boat, wondering where she was hiding all this time. Finally, when I was able to process everything, Elmer FINALLY got down on one knee & asked me to marry him, as I blurted out my long awaiting YES, as he placed the most perfect diamond ring on my finger.

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