Roselyn and Antonio

how we met

Antonio met Roselyn 4 years earlier on a dating app, asking her what dishes she liked cooking just when she was about to delete her account at the end of her first and disappointing day online. Perfect timing!

how they asked

An enchanted garden of bougainvillea and geraniums was the background to their modern fairytale, on the marine notes of the Mediterranean sea that, not far away, played with the Faraglioni rocks, stunning view in which to get lost and to find yourselves.

Framed by so much beauty and immersed in a surreal silence broken only by the calls of the seagulls, Antonio knelt in front of Roselyn, pulling out the box with a David Yurman Capri Pave Engagement Ring. A speech had been prepared in advance, but the emotion divested it of so many frills, suggesting to Antonio moving and meaningful words. It was a truly touching and joyful moment!

Finally, as auspicious ritual of indissoluble bond, a heart-shaped padlock was attached to the railing of the belvedere and the keys thrown away, according to tradition.

But the surprises weren’t ended for Roselyn. After enjoying a break in the famous Piazzetta, tasting delicious Italian breakfast, the couple reached the characteristic beach of Marina Piccola where Raffaele from Capri Blue Boat was waiting for it. Following an idea by Amalfi Soirée, a typical “gozzo” had been transformed by Capri Oltre Il Giardino into a gorgeous floating garden, ready to set sail towards the sunset.

A corner for the aperitif had been set up on the boat with candles, crystal glasses, bowls of crunchy snacks and other unique elements, like the hand-dyed silk runner in madder rose by

Lancaster and Cornish. Passing under the iconic rocks of the island, Antonio and Roselyn toasted with Italian Prosecco, exchanging a lucky kiss.

“I still cannot believe it happened. It feels like I’m dreaming and I don’t want anyone to wake me up. The man of my dreams asked me to marry him in the most impressive way possible. But I love him so much that I would have said yes even if he had asked me at home ” Roselyn commented.

Special Thanks:

Special Thanks

Sergio Sorrentino
 | Photography
Amalfi Soirée
 | Event Designer
Capri Oltre il Giardino
 | Floral Designer
Beauty Livery
 | Makeup Artist
Lancaster & Cornish
 | Beauty