Rose Marie and Irwin

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How We Met

In church! We met a few years ago but we’re just friends. Then one day we decided to go on a double date with our friends “just for fun”. After the “fake date” we realized that there could really be something there but because of the different stages we were in life, him trying to finish his Master’s and me, new to church/trying to pursue my Bachelors/age/etc we had to go our seperate ways and not pursue the idea of “something more”. Fast-forward two years later, we are at different places in our own individual lives. We started talking again as friends, hung out a few times, until one day Irwin asked me out on a date. Our first date was at The Robert in Columbus Circle. On the date we talked about how those two years we believe were God-given as they allowed us to develop our own personhood before entering into a relationship. We weren’t perfect (and still aren’t haha) but we were in a healthier state then we would have been if we pursued the relationship early on. God is good.

how they asked

I thought I had him all figured out…

A while back Irwin told me to set aside 3 dates (one in April, in May, and June) for us to go on a date. Part of me was skeptical but at the same time it wasn’t so out of the norm as we both have busy schedules and usually have to plan our hangouts anyway. He had also gifted me tickets to a Johnnyswim concert in the Hamptons for June. Which to THAT, I thought he is definitely proposing to me that day. Last Christmas we actually went to the Johnnyswim Christmas show with a couple of friends and I remember mentioning to Irwin that it would be a dream to be proposed to “Take the World” one day.

Fast forward, so now its Saturday, April 15th the first date out of the 3 dates Irwin had given me. Irwin told me that he wanted us to have a nice relaxing day, so after picking me up we headed out to the city. While we were there, he told me that his co-worker Sam had just moved into a new apartment with a terrace and an awesome view. He mentioned that she wanted to meet me and that while she was running some errands we could crash her apartment. I totally believed him. So after some Thai food, we headed out to meet her. When we arrived to her building, Irwin texted Kit (Sam’s apparent roommate) to let him know we were outside. As we were waiting, all I see is this tall, lanky, model-looking guy approaching us. Kit smiled warmly, shook our hands and said, “you must be Irwin and Rose, Sam told me you were coming. Shes not home right now but feel free to make yourselves at home.” As we followed him into the elevator, I asked him what he does for a living to which he spoke about attending NYU and also producing music on the side. He said that he was actually working on a project at the moment.

Finally we walk into the apartment- more like mini art EXHIBIT…it was gorgeous! Crisp white walls, greenery, a huge pool table located in the living room, different sized speakers mounted on top of each other resembling an art installation, sculptors of angels and different figures. I was awe-struck. Kit then led us out to the terrace which had the promised surreal view of the city. He told us that he needed to get back to work but to come to him if we needed anything. So Irwin and I sat down and unraveled one of the plush blankets we bought for Sam as a house-warming gift. We planned on wrapping it back up before she got there (haha). While we waited for her, Irwin and I spoke about life, work, our hearts. He also initiated a mini prayer session for some loved ones. I kid you not, its not that I have never heard him pray before, but for SOME reason, after we were done praying I had this feeling in my heart that said, “he’s the one”. It was like a deep knowing. After that moment, I even took a quick picture of us sitting down holding hands and was conjuring up what my IG caption would be. Being my Instagram deep post self, I was thinking something along the lines of, “In the middle of our date, Irwin thought about praying for others. It was then I knew he was just right for me.” LOL (that was weak but I promise you it was going to be better.)

So at a point he looks at his phone and says that Sam texted him that she was running a little late. I thought, dang what is this girl doing?! But at the same time I didn’t mind it. He then walks over to a speaker located on the deck.
Irwin: Want to listen to some music while we wait?

Me: Yeah, why not.
He syncs his phone to the speaker. “Take the World” by Johnnyswim starts to play.
Irwin: Come let’s dance a little
Me: (reluctantly – because I can’t dance to save a life) Okay
We start swaying to the song. Irwin sings along to a few of the verses. He keeps trying to meet my gaze.
Irwin: Can you see yourself spending the rest of your life with me?
Me: I smile. Yeah, I can.
Irwin: He smiles. Well, me too.
He reaches into his jacket and pulls out a navy box, shows it to me, then gets down on one knee. I’m shocked.
Irwin: Will you marry me?
I put my hand over my mouth and start ugly crying….yes!

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After about a half an hour or so my friends Sarah and Janynne come bursting in. I almost tripped running to embrace them. Sarah takes these beautiful engagement pictures on the spot (one less thing to worry about, thank God). Btw, the beautiful venue is called Mophonics. It’s actually a recording studio!

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Special Thanks

Sarah Cabrera
 | Photographer
 | They let Irwin rent the venue for an engagement even though its a recording studio!