Rose and Jamie

Image 2 of Rose and JamieHow We Met: We met when we were in college at Eastern Washington and his fraternity was across the street from my sorority. I didn’t know him at the time, but he asked my sorority sister to a formal dance and she said yes, but she didn’t know him too well so she wanted me to tag along to hang out at his place with some friends. As we hung out and all got to know each other better I couldn’t help but think how cute I thought he was. That night I told him that I wanted to go to the dance too because I thought it sounded fun, so he told me he would find me a date. The next day he told me he set me up with his best friend, Jimmy to go to the dance. I was a little hesitant because I had no idea who Jimmy was, but I went with the flow. When the day of the dance came, all the sisters got ready together and headed in the limo to go to dinner. I wasn’t really too interested in my date at this point cause I had been hanging out with Jamie a lot. That night Jamie kept leaving his date to come hang out with me and we had a good time just talking and hanging out. After the dance, Jamie told Jimmy that he was really into me and he had to steal me away from Jimmy. Jimmy was okay with it since we were only friends anyway. From that moment on I have been falling more and more in love with this man everyday!

how they asked: About two months earlier, Jamie had come and visited me in Seattle and had asked my dad for my hand in marriage, to my surprise my dad said yes! So then I packed my bags and drove from Washington out to Iowa (I know BIG change) so I could be with Jamie and we could start our lives together. He had been telling me he had been super super busy with the farm he manages at that he couldn’t really think about proposing right now. I was a little bummed out but I knew that when the time was right he would propose. A week after I moved to Iowa, Jamie told me we were going to his lake house in Wisconsin for the weekend to help his dad pull the boats out of the water to help winterize them. I told him that I could just stay home if it was just a working visit but he insisted I went with. The night before we left his friend let us borrow his car to drive because it got better gas milage which was super nice. That night I went to bed and all of a sudden Jamie jumped out of bed, around 10 pm or so and started panicking that he forgot something in his car. He ran outside and called his friend to find out where he was so he could meet him. When he came inside I asked him what he forgot and he said he forgot the keys to his lake house. I said alright and went back to bed. Coming to find out later that he had forgotten the ring in his car! lol He came back and slept for a little while and then jumped up again at about midnight and insisted we left right then. Needless to say I was not a happy camper! So we hit the road and drove for almost 10 hours.

Once we got to Wisconsin and pulled in the driveway I noticed that the boat and wave runner was already out of the water, I was kind of confused but didn’t think much of it because Jamie said his brother must have done it. I got ready and we headed into town for ‘fall fest’ which is just a giant festival around drinking. So we walked around town looking at booths and having a few drinks of course, as we were walking I told Jamie that my hands were cold and I tried sticking them in his pockets and he jumped back and said, ‘NO!, um don’t stick them in there cause the breeze will get in my jacket and make me chilly.’ I just remember looking at him like he was on medication!

On the way back home we were listening to sweet country music and singing out loud and being goofy. When we got back to the house he asked if I wanted to go out to the dock and play in the rain and I said okay. As we were walking on the dock he told me I could put my hands in his pockets now if I wanted so I did and felt a little box and pulled it out and asked what it was. Then he got on one knee and told me a life without me isn’t worth living and asked me to marry him! Of course I said yes! Jamie had set it up so his brother was videoing us on the dock as well! Come to find out that whole weekend was based around him proposing! Such a stinker! It was beyond perfect!

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