Rose and Rick

How We Met

Our Story begins back in High School.However, we both did go to Woodbury Junior High School together as well. Rick and I dated when we both were Seniors at Chaparral High School, or back then I think it was called “goin'”.Due to stupid teenage drama with an ex, we did not go to Prom together as we wanted to, but did make sure we saw each other there. Rick still owes me that dance from Prom! (which I plan to get on our Wedding Day!) Rick was sweet and cute then too.Those dimples had me even back then. He was the only boy my parents ever let go into my bedroom on the day he brought me flowers and a balloon when I had my wisdom teeth out. We went together to the first and only party I was ever allowed to go to, our Graduation Party.We continued to date after graduation and even after I got my first apartment with a friend.I remember Christmas of 1991, he came over and gave me an Elvis collectable plate!He was extremely thoughtful and caring.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in our home at his Army Retirement Party

Then, we parted ways. We never broke up, but we stopped talking for some reason. He joined the military. Eventually, we both married other people. We would see each other (with our then spouses) at the LVMPD Christmas Party each year.He always said he would give me the dance he owed me there, but never did (so I will get it one day)!!!Since then, we have always just stayed in touch.Rick worked with me on our Ten Year High School Reunion as our Photographer.We went to the school to take pictures of how it looked after all those years for the slide show the committee put together.Especially when he deployed we would chat online and were “penpals”. He got divorced first and then I did. Then, when he came home from that deployment, we started hanging out. He soon started bringing me with him to his military functions and around his military family, then around his family.Then more deployments came!L Every leave we would be almost inseparable and we grew even closer!The time came where I got to introduce Rick to my family and even more importantly, my kids!We had dinner at an Italian Restaurant, of course.I was so nervous!I loved them all so much and just knew they would like each other though.

The three of them fell in love immediately!! LOL To this day, I think my kids like Rick better than me!!! Ha ha ha The three of them have this bond of ganging up on me!The first time Rick took Ricky shooting, I cried (happy tears)!It was so sweet and made my heart melt. Rylie had to get in on that too, so he took her one day also.Since then they have all grown even closer! With the impending move of Rick’s parents, we decided to have him “move in” with us!Although he was deployed, we knew the next step for us was to live together, all four of us!!!We were happy, the kids were happy!On leaves he was HOME!Then the incredible moment came where he came home for good. On January 4, 2013, Rick was now home for good!No more deployments!He made that official in October 2015 when he retired with over 21 years of service in the United States Army.On October 10, 2015, at his retirement party, in front of most of our friends and family, he surprised the heck out of me and asked me to start the next chapter with him and become his wife!!! I said yes!! ;) We both have an intense love for adventure.We like to camp, hike and do anything outside!We love snuggling by a campfire.We both are a bit of foodies!We love good food and we both love cooking.One of the things I love to do most is cooking together.I do love cooking for Rick (even though he laughs at the mess I make), but even more so I love when he cooks for me.

I once told Rick I had always wanted one of Chef Ramsey’s Beef Wellingtons so he researched and learned how to make it for the kids and I one night.That is now one of Ricky’s favorite meals!When asked what special meal or restaurant the kids want for their birthdays, they both pick Rick’s Tri-Tip!His is the best of anyone’s anywhere!He is a Grill Master! I feel we were always meant to be! We were not meant to be back then, he had to serve our country so honorably, and I was meant to be given my two greatest gifts, my kids! But… we are most definitely meant to be now!We have faced many a struggle with his deployments and then adjusting to life, but here we are!I am ready to spend the rest of my life with my love, as Mrs. Rick Janise! We plan on having fun, living life, traveling and seeing what the future holds for both Rylie and Ricky as well.I know that Rick will be an amazing Step-Dad to them! Now, as Rick is starting his second career and is in the Clark County Fire Academy, we are planning our Wedding and ready to start this new journey together!We will get married right after he finishes his rookie year. We started in ’91 and will be husband and wife on 9-1 !!!!

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Rick served five deployments overseas & served over 21 years in the Army. Upon the return of his last deployment & moving in with myself & my children, he knew he wanted a family & needed to stay on US soil to do so, so he decided to retire. We planned an amazing retirement party for him to celebrate his many years of service with family & friends. I had planned a huge surprise for him by having special friends fly in he did not know were coming & a presentation of a shadow box commemorating all his achievements & accomplishments in the military by showcasing his retirement rank & his many medals. Unbeknownst to me, he had even a bigger surprise planned. His parents & sister knew & my kids & my family all knew. I called all of our guests in to gather around to do speeches & for me to present my gift. I had blocked our room where I was hiding his gift. He tried to get in & I wouldn’t let him. I wasn’t sure why he looked so panicked as I did not know he was trying to get in our room to get the ring out of our safe.

He had to send in backup & have my sister search the safe for it & pass it off to him without me seeing. Looking back now it was comical. We were both working against each other to give the other one of the biggest surprises ever. After his friends “roasted” him, & after I made him teary with my memory shadow box, he thanked everyone. He thanked them for coming & for supporting him all these years. He then had his sister come out with a dozen beautiful roses that he presented to me. After, I tried to walk away & let him finish his speech, but he grabbed my hand, pulled me back and got down on one knee. Now, I knew why there was a wall of cell phones videoing in front of me. He thanked me & asked me to start the a chapter with him by becoming his wife! I SAID “YES”!!!! I am happy to say, he is also now a Firefighter & both of our dreams are coming true!

Rose's Proposal in our home at his Army Retirement Party