Rose and Jason

How We Met

Our story began at a mutual friend’s 4th of July party in 2013. We were both newly single and not looking for anything serious but little did we know, this was all about to change. Jason showed up at the party first and I arrived shortly after; we caught eachother’s eye immediately but were too nervous (and stubborn) to talk to eachother. Finally, Jason made the first move and began a conversation between us that would last the rest of the party. A few hours (and a few drinks) later, we were planning future adventures and succumbing to the fact that this was more than just the beginning of a friendship. At the end of the night, I wanted to get Jason’s number so we could keep in touch. Fortunately for me, Jason misplaced his phone which provided me with a perfect opportunity. I helped him find his phone and got his number at the same time. A few weeks later, we went on our first date and the rest is history.

Image 1 of Rose and Jason

how they asked

Image 2 of Rose and Jason

Jason wanted to make the proposal as romantic and special as possible for Rose. After considering several different options, including a hot air balloon proposal and sky writing, Jason decided to simply recreate their very first date. He asked Rose if she wanted to go to brunch at Silverados because he was “craving it” and it had been a while since they ate there. Rose thought nothing off it and excitedly agreed since it is her favorite restaurant. As usual, Rose ordered a meal twice as big as Jason’s, and so Jason asked if she wanted to walk it off at the park near by- the park he took her to on their first date. As they were strolling through the park and nearing the tree that they had carved their initials on three years before, Rose could tell Jason was getting nervous. Being a nurse, she decided to check his pulse, which was quite tachycardic, and verify his nervousness. They finally got to the tree and as she was taking a picture of their initials, he got down on one knee behind her and asked her to make him the happiest man for the rest of their lives.