Rose and David

How We Met

In 2015, David and I were both attending Oral Roberts University. In October I was placed on a Music Missions team set to travel to Dubai the next year and David was the team leader! We were instantly drawn to each other after we met and started becoming friends. The day after we got back from Dubai, David asked me to be his girlfriend and the rest is history!

Rose Heffron's Proposal in Central Park in NYC

Rose Heffron and David's Engagement in Central Park in NYC

How They Asked

I’m January 2019, David took me to New York to see his family and my sister, Grace, came with us. I had a list of places to visit in the city while we were there, and only chose what we would do that day. Every time I said, “alright, today let’s do this,” Grace and David would happily say, “okay whatever you want!” On the third day, we were there, I decided we should get our nails done, get lunch in Queens, and then stroll through Central Park to see the highlights I’d found online or seen in movies. As we walked through Central Park, we’d stop periodically, take our coats off to snap a few pictures, and then continue on.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Central Park in NYC

After we crossed over Bow Bridge, Grace pointed out a small lookout area with the bridge in the background and suggested we take another picture there. Happy to take advantage of her acting as a photographer, I trotted over and took off my heavy coat for a better picture. I noticed a heart set up on the deck and thought it must be someone’s that had proposed earlier in the day or something. Then the music started playing…one of my favorite Ariana Grande songs. As I started to ask, “where is that coming from?” I see a funny grin on David’s face. He pulled me onto the deck on got on a knee.

Where to Propose in Central Park in NYC

After anticipating this moment for years and thinking it was too good to be true, his words were a beautiful blur as I stared at the perfect ring he’d picked out for me. Once he finally put it on my finger and I kissed him over and over, I looked back toward the trees to see my parents and brother (who had secretly flown in from Arkansas to surprise me!) cheering us on. Not only did he plan the most magical proposal while I thought I was making the plans, but he had invited my family before I ever had time to realize how much that would mean to me on this special day.

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