Rose and Brian

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How We Met

In September 2017 I met his father first, he was my regular at the bar I worked at. Over months his Dad; Brian Sr. and his Uncle Timmy would come in after work and they became like family to me. Eventually, he brought up his son, saying how we would get along and how I would be perfect for him. He showed me a picture of him and I told him, “He’s a good looking guy. Bring him in, you never know.” That following week, Brian Sr. brought in his wife April and daughter Alyssa for dinner while I was working and I got to meet his family. He then set a date where he was going to bring in his son Brian Jr. to meet me.

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Brian Sr. brought his son in one Saturday afternoon in December 2017. After meeting pretty much his whole family and hearing all about him, I finally met him. I really couldn’t believe how much we had in common, we hit it off immediately and it was such a strong connection between the two of us right from the start. Brian Jr. asked me for my number and out on a date right thereafter talking for hours.

Rose's Proposal in Outerbanks, NC

The following day he showed up at my house for our first date with a dozen roses and introduced himself to my parents, Bobby and Karen. We went out to the mall, saw a movie and went out to dinner. We spent the rest of the night talking and getting to know each other. It felt like we knew each other for years. The following day on December 18, 2017, we hung out again and were driving into PA to meet his friends and he asked me to be his girlfriend.

Rose and Brian's Engagement in Outerbanks, NC

From the moment I met this man, he changed my view on love and has been nothing but a loving, supportive gentleman ever since. I never expected to meet the love of my life at my job, thanks to his father.

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How They Asked

A month into our relationship, my mother was diagnosed with Cancer. Through some of the most difficult times from the beginning of our relationship, Brian Jr. was there for my family and I. Constantly going to the hospital, bringing flowers to my mother Karen and spending time with her at our house. My father and my mother grew fond of Brian Jr, he was a hard worker, caring, loving and gentlemen. My mother adored Brian Jr. she told me constantly that he was the one.

Time went on and eventually, Brian Jr. was starting to look for rings, my mother helped him pick out which ring would suit me best. I had no idea they were in cahoots together. Brian Jr. asked for the approval of my hand from my father. He graciously accepted, for Brian Jr. to marry me. At the end of my mother’s life Brian Jr. and his family especially his mother April helped us through some of our toughest days. After the peaceful passing of my mother, Brian received the ring that they picked out together.

Shortly after, he took me on a road trip to the Outerbanks, I was thinking to clear my head and to get away for a while. He had this whole trip planned out, we enjoyed multiple days on the beach and fun activities together. On September 30, 2019, during sunrise on the beach, he told me he wanted to record the sunrise of us, I didn’t really think of anything special since we’ve been watching the sunrise every morning. He got down on one knee, told me how much he loves me and asked me to be his wife. And I said YES! One of the most special, purest loving moments I ever experienced in my life.

Every time I look at my ring I see the love we have for each other and my mother, who helped and approved of our coming marriage. I am so blessed we found each other, I couldn’t ask for a better partner, best friend, companion. Love really hits you when you least expect it.