Rose and Blake

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How We Met

Blake and I may have first “matched” an online dating website, but our love story really started at a Nelly concert (yeah, I know, so cool!) after a baseball game at Petco Park in San Diego, CA. We had been chatting and getting to know each other and it just so happened that we were both at the same Satruday night baseball game so we had to meet up. It was the bottom of the 7th inning when we I tapped this cute guy on the shoulder and asked “are you Blake?” and the rest is history! We watched the end of the game, had a blast at the Nelly concert in the park after, and then danced the night away at a local country bar. I was immediately hooked! As we got to know each other, we realized we shared so many common interests, life values and goals and were brought up in very similar lifestyles. We have spent the last 3 years enjoying more baseball games, concerts (although Nelly was by far the coolest), hikes, family outings, and so much more. Getting to know Blake has been the best adventure of my life.

how they asked

It was May 27, 2018, the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, and we woke up bright and early at the cute little Alder Inn in Lake Tahoe, NV. We were looking forward to our weekend getaway from our crazy busy lives in San Diego and were excited to start the day off with a trip to Emerald Bay. Emerald Bay is a beautiful part of the lake with hiking trails, waterfalls, water activities, and incredible views. The day before was cold and rainy, but to our pleasant surprise, it was looking like a bright and sunny, beautiful day. We got ready for our hike and packed up some leftover pizza for a picnic too. I had recently purchased a nice lightweight hiking backpack and I was excited to use it for our hike, but Blake had already started packing up your old bulky backpack. I excitedly remembered we could use my new compact bag as we were getting ready to leave and he said: “this one is fine, don’t worry about it.” I didn’t push, and let him pack the giant backpack (figuring he would carry it anyway, lol). For a moment I wondered if there was a reason he wanted to use that one since my small one seemed like an obvious choice….

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We headed out early, around 8:30 am, to get make sure we got a parking spot at Emerald Bay. First, we stopped at a cute little local coffee shop. Blake always orders a large coffee, but for some reason that morning he got a small (and later told me it was because he had butterflies!), but I didn’t think anything of it.

We arrived at Emerald Bay before 9 am and got one of the last few parking spots! We started down the hiking trail and took a little detour to try and find the Parson Rock lookout point. It was a really great route to take because there was no one around! Blake was trailblazing a little, determined to get somewhere. We finally found Parson Rock (or, actually what we thought was Parson Rock, I still don’t know), and he got the backpack out… but just to take a sip of water! After that moment, my tiny suspicion that there may be something hiding in the backpack went out the door and I didn’t feel nervous anymore.

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Next, we walked along the lake, over to the Vikingsholm castle and up to Eagle Falls. Both very touristy, beautiful sights to see. We again got the backpack out to have a banana, but still nothing suspicious.

A little later we were starting to get hungry so we looked for a picnic table to eat at. We walked a little past the Vikingsholm castle to try and find a picnic table that wasn’t around a bunch of people (again, I was oblivious to this detail). We ate our leftover pizza and some peanut m&ms (super healthy day!) while carving out “R+B” in a heart on the picnic table. I started to put the m&ms away and Blake said “we have some more dessert too.” I totally didn’t think anything of it and thought he was referring to the ice cream place we planned to go to that weekend! To my surprise, he grabbed that “dessert” out of his giant backpack….

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IT WAS A RING BOX!!!!! I was completely shocked, and could not stop smiling!!!! He was soooooo shakey, and teary-eyed and could barely pull out the piece of paper that was taped to the ring box, with what he wanted to read to me. It was the cutest thing ever! He said the kindest words to me, but of course, I was in LA LA and all heart eyes, and couldn’t hear a thing he was saying. I was so happy and shocked! Then he got up from the picnic table and got on one knee and asked me to marry him. I SAID YES with the biggest smile on my face!!! I haven’t stopped smiling since.

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