Rosamond and Kenneth

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Disney World

How We Met

Ken and I first met in 5th grade when we sat next to each other in choir. We would tease and pick on each other. His mom used to tell him “she’s picking on you because she likes you” We remained friends throughout the years. I official meet Ken’s father and mom on his birthday April 15. Ken had turned 15. Three days later, Ken’s father was fixing his sisters door when he died of a heart attack right in front of Ken. I was the first person he called after it happened. All I could think about is being there for him and helping him. Our friendship blossomed into a teenage romance that later December.

After High school we lost touch but, every april 18th I would check in on him and we would update each other on our lives.

Sometime later when I was near finished with my teaching degree we reconnected and remembered all the things we loved about each other.

Proposal Ideas Disney World

How They Asked

We got engaged on Friday Oct 13th 2017. That morning, Kenny and I had planned on going to breakfast with his mom at the Denny’s in Niagara Falls. After we had finished breakfast, Kenny and I walked out of the building holding hands, when Kenny started to steer me toward another car! Scared and confused he opened the door of the car and in the driver seat was my mom. Him and his mom quickly hopped into the car and we drove off. I had no idea what was going on and was very nervous. My mom drove us to the airport. When we got out of the car my mom revealed two sets of luggage (Kenny packed my bag). Kenny told me we were going to disney world! (I’m a disney fanatic) I was still confused. I didn’t sink in until we got to the ticket counter where I began to cry with happiness. When we landed we were whisked off to our hotel (secret location). Kenny had booked the Disney Princess hotel room at Disney’s Port Orlean Riverside Resort. Once we were settled Kenny informed me that we had dinner reservations, he had an outfit picked out for me that he wanted me to wear(jewelry and shoes to match). We walked over to this beautiful gazebo that was located at the hotel and there just happened to be a disney photographer there. He asked if he could take some pictures. We took a few holding hands and then Kenny asked if he could take one more. I turned to see Kenny on his knee with a ring in his hand. Best Surprise Ever!

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