Rosalinda and Dave

Rosalinda and Dave's Engagement in Santorini, Greece

How We Met

We met In California when i was studying abroad about 3 years ago. I (Rose) am from holland and was studying in orange county. Dave showed me around his area and we fell in love. Which led to traveling the world as a couple and living in different countries together.

how they asked

I (Dave) had planned a trip for us to go to Santorini, Greece. While visiting I hired a videographer who “randomly” met us at a local restaurant where we were having a drink. He politely asked if he could film us for his own professional portfolio. She was under the impression that he was just filming us for his youtube channel and trying to save money by not hiring models. I pretended to be uninterested to not raise any suspicion. He said that he would guide us back to our villa and also send us the footage/photos for our own collection. We agreed and he took some amazing shots in the most amazing romantic place.

He led us to our villa where to Rose’s surprise I also hired a wedding company to set up a beautiful display of love and a 5 course dinner for us. At this point i dropped to my knee and asked for her hand in marriage. She said yes and we enjoyed an amazing dinner and champagne overlooking the ocean with the sunset.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Santorini, Greece

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Santorini, Greece

Proposal Ideas Santorini, Greece

Our Video

Special Thanks

Vasilis Tsirakidis
 | Videographer
Katerina Karida
 | Planning