Rosalba and TJ

How We Met

Some of my girlfriends and I decided to meet and have brunch like any other Sunday. This time I was excited because Bree was tagging alone and I haven’t seen her after our high school graduation. We had few mimosas and started talking about what we all have been doing for all these years and she asked me if was single, and I said YES! Then she proceeds it and said “ I have the perfect guy for you” I would love for you guys to meet. I agreed and the following Saturday I was in a cab on my way to have dinner and drinks with Bree, her husband and this “new guy” at a bar in the lower east side. After 4 cucumber martinis and this guy nowhere to be found I considered the possibility of being stood out. Bree’s husband kept saying “ He’ll be here. He is on his way, he just has been working late” after some laughs. BOOM! This tall guy walks in the room and suddenly everything made sense. We couldn’t take our eyes off each other. We kept finishing each other’s sentences. I felt so free with him like I didn’t have to omit pieces of me anymore! The rest is history in the making ?

how they asked

So TJ wanted to spend a lazy day together last Sunday. He had scheduled dinner for 5:00 pm at Antonio’s but he insisted to leave our apartment at 3:45 the latest to catch the sunset at Inwood Hill Park, and I do I appreciated a good scenery picture lol I didn’t hesitate to wear my sneakers and pretty much went hiking lol. We walked for about 10-15 minutes including short cuts and ended with a view of the Hudson River along with the striking foliage. After few minutes staring at the art like view he bent over and told me how much he loved for like the gazillion times in almost 5 years and he asked me to marry him and I said YES. ? I know so dreamy!!!

He also had someone taking photographs of us and I’m so glad!!! To be able to go back and relieve this day with just a glance of an old photo. After a few snaps, lots of laughter and joy we then leave to the restaurant and to my surprise my entire family was there greeting us as we walk towards them with a big smile on their faces. November 4th was unforgettable… Thank you so much to my closest friend for all the best wishes, the laughter, the tears of joy. I love you all. Life is GOOD!

Special Thanks

 | She Introduced me to the love of my life
Oliver Frometa
 | Photographer