Rosa and Matthew

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Oslo, Norway

How We Met

Early 2016, January 4th to be exact Matthew and I were clearly trying to meet someone for the new year. Matthew messaged me on OkCupid and his witty profile and blue eyes encouraged me to respond. Fast forward a few days, we went on our first date at the East End bar in NYC. See, I’m a graduate of Syracuse University and he so happened to have been born and raised in Syracuse! The East End is a Syracuse bar and what better place than neutral territory. The rest is pretty much history, we hung out the next day and have been inseparable since.

how they asked

Christmas 2017 I got Matthew Ancestry DNA as one of his gifts and he found out he was Norwegian! When planning our annual vacation, he wanted to see where he was from so why not head to Oslo, Norway. The trip was magnificent and he had the proposal planned weeks ahead. We were on our way to a museum and were at the top of the Akershus Fortress where you could see all of Oslo below us and the stunning fjords. As we sat on a bench, he asked if I wanted to remember the view forever? Couldn’t have imagined a more perfect moment!

Rosa and Matthew's Engagement in Oslo, Norway