Cody and Amy

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How we met: We first met when we were ten years old and I transferred to Amy’s elementary school. She stood out pretty quickly to me because as a fourth grader, she was always full of energy and joy. We then ended up going to the same junior high and high school. Throughout the years we became closer and closer as friends, sitting by each other in all of our classes, instant messaging each other till 3 am in the morning and going to all of our school events together. She was the captain of the cheerleading squad and I was the captain of the basketball team so she was always there at all of my games to cheer me on and give me a bag of baked goods and candy after. During our junior year in high school we were asked to go on a double date in Santa Monica with another couple. By this time we both started to have pretty big crushes on each other. While we were hanging out on the beach that night, I pulled her aside and took her on a little walk where I got down on one knee and asked her to be my girlfriend. We have been together ever since.

how they asked: After college we both moved to the Los Angeles area together. Amy just graduated from FIDM and landed a great job with an interior designer. One night, when Amy stepped away from her phone, I copied down the email address and phone number of the interior designer that Amy was working for. I gave her a call and told her my plan to propose to Amy and asked if she could possibly help. When Amy went into work the next day her boss approached her and told her of a fancy “work event” that she wanted Amy to attend and dress up nicely for. She told Amy the date, time and location of the event.

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 After I proposed we went back to her house where all of our closest friends and family were waiting to celebrate with us.

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Photos by Jessica Fairchild Photography