Ashley and Mac's Rooftop Marriage Proposal in New York City

How We Met: Mac and I met at a surprise birthday party in honor of my mom’s 50th birthday. I was in charge of coordinating the party and sending out invitations. I thought it would be nice to invite my mom’s work group, and Mac just happened to be one of her employees at the time. I remember meeting Mac at the party and thinking he was really cute! I also remember how weird it was that he barely spoke to me. Apparently, Mac was so nervous that he could hardly utter the words “nice to meet you!”

A few days after the surprise party, Mac approached my mom and asked if it would be okay for him to reach out to me on Facebook to thank me for inviting him to the party. Of course, my mom agreed. Little did she know, Mac was not only planning to thank me for the invite, but he also intended to ask “the boss’s daughter” out on a date as well!!

He contacted me on Facebook, and we began communicating back and forth until plans were made to meet at Starbucks in order to get to know each other a little better. We spent three hours at Starbucks laughing and talking, and decided to see each other again! The rest is history!

How We Met

how they asked: On April 18th, I woke up to the sound of someone knocking on my apartment door in NYC. I answered it, and there stood Mac, with a bouquet of flowers in one hand and breakfast in the other. He told me to hurry up and eat, get dressed and get ready to spend the entire day with him! He was living in Memphis, and completely surprised me with a visit to NYC!

We spent the entire day together in New York, doing some of our favorite things in the city! First, we took a walk down the High Line before heading to lunch on Fifth Avenue.

New York City proposal

After lunch, we took a carriage ride through Central Park and enjoyed the absolutely perfect weather! I remember thinking that the day couldn’t get any better. If I only knew then what Mac had planned for later in the evening!

New York City Proposal 2

That afternoon, Mac took me back to my apartment and told me to be dressed and ready for dinner byseven o’clock. He told me to wear a nice dress, and that he would be back to get me soon! I quickly changed and waited for what seemed like forever for Mac to come back and take me to dinner! Can we just take a minute and admire how handsome he looked when he came back to pick me up that evening?

New York City proposal 3

We hailed a cab and made a quick stop at the Stone Rose Lounge in Columbus Circle. If you ever visit NYC, this place is a must! The view of Central Park is indescribable! We had a glass of wine together before heading to dinner at Robert, one of my favorite restaurants in NYC. We enjoyed an absolutely delicious meal while overlooking Columbus Circle.

New York City Proposal 4

After dinner, we got into a cab to head back to my apartment. All of a sudden, he blindfolded me! This is the point in the night when I knew something was up!

When we finally got to our destination, Mac removed my blindfold. I was completely speechless when I opened my eyes to the most breathtaking view of NYC I have ever seen.

New York City Proposal 6

That’s when it happened. Mac started telling me how much he loved me and how he knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. I thought I was going to FAINT!

Rooftop Marriage Proposal in New York City

I will never forget the adorable look on his face when he got down on one knee and said, “Ashley Brooke Wieronski, will you marry me?”

Rooftop Marriage Proposal in New York City edit

Of course, I immediately said YES!!!!!!!!!!!!


New York City Proposal 8

I couldn’t have DREAMED of a more perfect proposal. April 18, 2014 was like a fairy-tale, and I will never forget it! I cannot WAIT to become Mac’s wife on September 26, 2015!


New York City Proposal 5


Photos by Damon Yousefy