Rontoyia and Tristan

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how we met

Tristan and I met in March 2008! We had a history class together at Tyler junior college (TJC). After a month or so of walking and talking down the hallway after class one day he came and sat by me in class. Tristan then asked me if he could have my phone number and I told him no! I told him he would have to guess my phone number by the time the bell rung and if not then he could not have my number. So each time he guessed a number I would tell him if it was right or wrong. So he spent the entire class filling up a piece of paper trying to guess my number and by the time the bell rung for us to get out of class he guessed the last digit of my phone number. So after that we started a friendship and were friends a year in a half before we started dating in August 2009! The rest is history!

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how they asked

Tristan told me a few weeks prior that we were going to have a Toyia Day which always means he takes me out to eat or we go shopping and basically anything that I want to do on Toyia day! So on May 21 Tristan picked me up from my parents house at around 12:30pm and I had no idea where we going or what we were doing. About and hour later we arrived in Tyler Tx at the Rose Garden to view “flower walls” and beautiful rose bouquets and various flower arrangements. He told me to wait in the car and that he would be right back and about twenty minutes later he came back to the car got me out and said we were going to look at different roses for a flower wall. I didn’t know that he came back to the car equipped with a microphone attached to the inside of his suit jacket, which I found out later after he proposed to me. As we were walking inside the building of the Rose Garden we were talking about different things and having a great conversation about how beautiful the Rose Garden was.

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After walking for about five minutes inside the Rose Garden we stopped in front of a beautiful water fountain and he took both of my hands and told me how much he loves me, how he prayed about our relationship, and how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.

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After expressing his feelings for me and the way that he felt about me he asked me for my hand in marriage and I said yes! Still at this time I had no idea that the photographers to the side of me were actually video taping and taking pictures of us and recording our words and every move the entire time.

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After he proposed and placed the engagement ring on my finger I turned around and was surprised by my family and his family who witnessed the entire proposal. Without a doubt It was definitely the best day of my life thus far!

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