Maria and Ronan

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How We Met

Ronan and I met in High School, our senior year. He had just moved over from Ireland. I heard there was a new kid in our class, but hadn’t seen him yet. We eventually met at a Halloween dance, that I originally was too sick to go to, but my best friend at that time, had convinced me to go. So I went as a sick flapper, and he was a Liverpool player. He had actually drew the tattoos that the player had on his arms, and I thought…..what an idiot; he clearly wants ink poisoning. Once we started talking, it was pretty clear he was no idiot! After the Halloween dance, we started seeing a little bit more of each other.

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I invited him to join science Olympiads and Model UN, to make his college resume look a little more intense, (thinking he would never want to join, but secretly wanting him to!). Eventually we started spending time alone, and that’s when I suggested that we bring a list of question, to get to know each other better the next time we hang out. The following day, after school we sat in his car and started to ask each other 15 questions. After we were done, I asked Ronan if I could see his piece of paper and he said no. NO?! I wanted to know why, and had to fight him for it!! In the car none the less!! I eventually won and looked at the crumpled piece of paper….Ronan’s last question was if I would go out with him. I said yes! And the rest is history, I’ve been in love with him since that moment.

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how they asked

Since I only got my American citizenship in August 2015, I was not able to leave New York and as a result meet Ronan’s extended family. Once I got my American passport I was able to travel! And out first destination was to Ireland (But Of Course!!!). While we were there, I asked Ronan if we would be able to visit a chapel that was in Ireland. I had seen his chapel on Pinterest 5 years earlier. I had no idea where it actually was or the name of it, all I had was a picture. Little did I know that Ronan had already done all the research necessary! So on the morning of December 8, 2015, I went into Ronans room at 3:30 in the morning to wake him up for our trip. To my surprise Ronan was already wide awake… VERY unlike him.

It was too early for me to put much thought into it. We eventually got on the rode. For most of the ride I was sound asleep ( it took us about 4 hours). When we finally arrived to St. Finbarr’s Oratory in Gougane Barra, County Cork; I was absolutely taken back by the beauty and serenity of the surrounding mountains.

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As we were getting out of the car, I noticed Ronan get a backpack. I asked why he needed it. he said he brought snacks for the hike. I thought, that was a good idea! In the backpack, Ronan actually had a second scrapbook. He gave it to me on the grounds of the chapel, where you can hear the river and the subtle wind.

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As I was opening and reading the inscription inside, the scrapbook, Ronan was down on one knee and asking me to marry him! It was amazing!! We had the whole place to ourselves and no one was there to interrupt our special and intimate moment. I will never forget it!!!

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P.S Ronan asked me to marry him in writing because that’s how he first asked me out…on a piece of paper!!

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