Ronald and Sophie

How We Met

“Sorry, wrong number, who’s this?” was the first text message he said to me after chatting a little on a dating site.

Timing is everything because Ron was fresh into his intern year in his hometown of Syracuse and Sophie was new to the city. After chatting online for a couple of days, we planned a date as soon as possible. As everyone knows, we do everything big.

The first date was magical, four individual dates all combined into one. We started out at dinner, we both a little nervous, followed by playing darts at the Beer Garden with Ron’s family, crashing a wedding and meeting up with my friends at a local bar. Both of us felt that the date was different than any other that either one of us experienced.

How They Asked

Ron and I have been in NYC for the week and it was close for Ron to go back to work upstate. We have Friday night dinner plans to treat our recently engaged friends. As I was getting ready, Ron asked me “can we go stop and check out the MET quickly before it closes, I never saw the Christmas tree my grandma kept talking about?” I was in the middle of drinking a bottle of wine with his aunt and uncle who were in town for Christmas. He anxiously rushed me saying the taxi is going to be coming at 5:30 and you are not even ready! I was upset not only was he rushing me, but I had to chug my wine too.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Metropolitan Museum of Art

So the cab came and I was in a bad mood (which is rare for nights like these) the whole way there. At the museum, we saw the impressionist gallery and went to the famous angel Christmas tree as well as bumping into the secret photographer multiple times. At the tree, Ronnie asked me to face it so he can take a picture to send to his grandma. At that moment, a stranger asked if we wanted our picture taken and I said yes while Ron’s face turned color Then, Ron captured the picture for his Nonna. When I turned back around, Ronnie was on one knee and asked me to be his wife! I obviously said yes. He then surprised me with family and friends at a local bar.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Metropolitan Museum of Art