Romina and Rafael

how we met

I met Romina at a mutual friend’s barbecue party. We talked a little bit at the party, and then we went to a nightclub where we just kept talking. Since that day I haven’t stopped talking to her; it was love at first sight. Unfortunately we realized that we lived 800km away since she is from another city, but that did’t stop us. We exchanged numbers, and she told me she had planned a trip to Mexico City with her dad. I thought I was going to see her again then, but that trip got cancelled. I told her if Rome doesn’t go to you, you go to Rome. Then I booked a flight to go visit her, our first date was on Valentine’s Day, and since that trip I go to visit her every 2 weeks.

how they asked

I proposed to Romina on her birthday. I planned something to make her feel like the princess she is to me. I knew she was going on a trip with her parents around Europe, and on her birthday she was going to be in Vienna. She didn’t imagine that I would be with her for her birthday.

I surprised her at the Cafe Central (we were actually staying at the same hotel, so since she arrived to Vienna I wouldn’t leave the my hotel room so I wouldn’t risk on her seeing me). After that, her mother invited me to a tour they had at the Liechtenstein Palace, and I agreed to go with them. Little did Romina know we had everything planned for the proposal! She thought she was going on a tour until we got to the ballroom, where there was a table set for 4 and also some musicians playing the songs I chose to make her feel like a princess.

When we entered the room I went on one knee, asked her to marry me, and she said yes!! And that was the happiest day of my life, when she accepted to be by my side no matter what happens. I know that we can do everything possible if we are together.

special thanks

Concept, planning & coordination: High Emotion Weddings
Photographer: Michelle Mock
Videographer: Visual Elegance
Venue: City Palace Liechtenstein, Vienna, Austria
Florals & Styling: PONK Rentals
Catering: Gerstner
Quartet: Art4Strings
Horse Carriage: Fiaker Paul
Film Lab: Carmencita Film Lab

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