Romina and Josh

how we met

We met at work, I was a transfer from Tampa Waterside and he was rooms control night auditor for the night crew. Neither of us believed in love at first sight but when we pumped into each-other in the stairs for the very first time, something within us have changed and 6 years later we can attest differently.

how they asked

This man took me to the middle of the ocean to pop the question, thank god I said yes! Turns out this was plan B, right before our proposal him and my best friend along with my family had made plans for us to jump off a plane, he was going to land first and wait for me with the ring. The skies had different plans for us as we were blessed with a baby right before proposal was supposed to happen so he rented a boat and pop the question right at sunset, it couldn’t be more magical.

Special Thanks

Seas Mtns Co
 | Photography