Romina and Elliot

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How We Met

Everything started almost 4 years ago, when I met Elliot online. On a random chat talking about a book. He promised me he was going to meet me in Peru (where I’m originally) we met and we felt the chemistry instantly. While I was waiting for the embark date of my new job in a cruise ship, I came to USA to visit Elliot and meet his family. After a few months I moved to California, and lived with family and roommates for a while, but Elliot flew every two or three months to see me, we both met our families and we didn’t want to be apart in a long distance relationship anymore, one day…We got married. No one knew about it, until we first told our families, we moved together to Maryland and then to Philadelphia. We’re legal married over two years now. But he never really proposed me. He promised he was gonna do it one day and also request my hand to my dad in a very traditional way.

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how they asked

That day was February 18, 2018. We went to a beautiful romantic dinner, and before the dessert he started talking about our relationship and how far we came, he said how good I am as a women and how much he loves me. He took a red wood box with the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen. I started crying and he started crying too. Until he asked: would you marry me again? I said: a thousand times more, yes! The most romantic, personal and sweet proposal. We’re planing the wedding for September 14th, 2019. Exactly 4 years after our legal

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Special Thanks

Cory Weasey Waddell
 | Planning