Romee and Rajiv

How We Met

We met in New York through mutual friends. I think after our third consecutive date together eat pizza, I knew she was the one. Beyond that regardless of the day, she is always upbeat and can brighten my day no matter what.

how they asked

Hawaii has been a dream of mine to visit and Romee is all about the romantic scene. We’ve never been on a long vacation together and wanted to treat ourselves to something nice for a change. Having a proposal in Hawaii was the perfect opportunity.

Romee's Proposal in Honolulu

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Honolulu

The Big Day: I planned to take Romee out for a nice dinner in Waikiki however prior to that we had a little time to spare so I suggested going to a beautiful lookout point to see a sunset. When we arrived the photographers from Flytographer were disguised as tourists but I knew who they were from our prior video calls. I asked Romee to step away from the crowd to the side so we can take better photos of the view. When I did that, I surprised her with a book that I created to memorialize our relationship thus far. The second to last page of the book instructed her to turn around with her eyes closed. When I told her to flip the last page, there was a drawn caricature picture of me proposing. At that point, I was already bent on one knee behind her. That’s when she turned around to me proposing to her. The proposal couldn’t have gone more smoothly.


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