Janyelle and Zach's Romantic Proposal in Phoenix

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How We Met: The short version? At a dive bar in Scottsdale, in the middle of the afternoon on a Saturday. The longer version: I had recently moved back to Phoenix after living in Miami for a few years and one of my best friends (now my Maid of Honor) was in town from there to visit me. She and I went to a Spring Training baseball game and were walking around Old Town Scottsdale thinking of our next step for the day. I saw a very divey bar that I hadn’t been to since college and took her in there as a joke. About 10 minutes after arriving, we were approached by Zach and his friend. Zach’s opening line? “It’s really not that cold…”. As I mentioned, I had JUST moved back from Miami and my tolerance for cool weather had waned significantly which is why I was wearing a jacket and a scarf in 57 degree weather. Apparently the snarky opening line worked and we spent the rest of the day and evening together… then the next day… and the next day… and now, a couple of years and a cross country move later, we’ll be spending our lives together!

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how they asked: Zach told me his mother needed “to talk to us about something important” and that the plan was to meet her for dinner at our favorite resort in Phoenix… When we arrived she met us at valet and Zach ran inside. She and I stood outside the restaurant and chatted briefly then she looked over my shoulder and pointed out my brother. It wasn’t out of the realm of possibilities that he might be there because he lived in Phoenix as well, so I didn’t have any idea that something else was going on.

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He asked to speak to me and we started walking and talking. Around the corner we found my mom. At that point I was starting to think something was up. My brother passed me off to her, she walked with me a bit and we saw Zach’s father who had flown in from Michigan. Another hand-off and Zach’s father walked me to the restaurant door where we found my two best friends. Zach had flown them in (one from CA and one from FL) to be there with me for this hugely special day. My two girls, tearing up, handed me a glass of champagne and promised that despite living so far away we won’t miss each other’s big events.

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They open the doors and hand me off to my father – who was barely holding it together (tears right at the brim). He offered his blessing and walked me to the door of the Private Dining Room/Wine Cellar where Zach was waiting. My father knocked, then opened the door and Zach had candles lit and “our song” playing in the background. The proposal was behind closed doors – just the two of us – which was perfect and we wrapped up the occasion by having dinner with our family and closest friends immediately afterward. I still can’t believe he pulled off something so elaborate, involving some of my closest people without me knowing a thing. Incredibly well done!

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