Kayla and John's Romantic Proposal in Florence

Image 1 of Kayla and John's Romantic Proposal in FlorenceHow we met: It all started my senior year of college when I met John through mutual friends.

At that time he was dating another girl, but even at that time I knew he was the one. His charming, hilarious, and easy-going demeanor drew me in immediately. Whenever we hung out in a group, there was always an undeniable chemistry between us.

I would secretly tell all my friends that someday I would marry him.

After graduation, I interviewed for the Art teaching job at the elementary school that John taught at. He talked me up, introduced me to everyone, and told the principal that I was the next Vincent van Gogh and that she had to hire me. With a good resume, and John’s help, I was offered the job. We would be teaching across the hall from each other, him teaching Physical Education and me teaching Art.

Finally, after a long eight months, his relationship dissolved and he was finally on the market. It didn’t take long for our spark to grow and with a little help from our principal we began dating not long after.

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how they asked: Not long after we started dating, John and I decided that backpacking across Europe was the next adventure that we would embark on. We are both teachers, so having summers off together is a huge bonus, and the perfect time to take big trips.

After a year or so of planning our trip, June 15th finally came and we couldn’t have been more excited. At this point we had been dating for about a year and a half, but I had no idea that a proposal was in store for me. We flew from Kentucky to Ireland, then to London, Amsterdam, Paris, and finally to Italy. In Italy, we started in Rome, traveled to Venice, to Cinque Terre and then last but not least to Florence. When I was in college I studied abroad in Florence and it was by far my favorite place in the world.

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We had been on our adventure for twenty five days at this point, and it had been the most romantic and perfect twenty five days of my life. WeImage 5 of Kayla and John's Romantic Proposal in Florencedecided to get a really good bottle of wine called the Super Tuscan and go and watch the sunset at the Piazzale Michaelangelo. This is my favorite place in Florence because it overlooks the entire city.

We had to hike to the top, but when we got there it was so worth it. We found a spot on a bench and cracked open the bottle of wine, overlooking the indescribable scenery. I had just made a comment about how romantic our whole trip and this night had been, when I looked around at John and he was pulling something out of his pocket.

He got down on one knee and had the most beautiful gold ring that I had ever seen. I was absolutely stunned. There were 300 questions racing through my mind, but all I could say was YES!

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Photos by Rachel McCall