Romantic Marriage Proposal on the Beach

Marriage Proposal Ideas on the Beach
How We Met: Tyler and I went to the same high school, and had a lot of mutual friends. We had brief encounters at random parties and secretly had crushes on each other. But for whatever reason, the timing was never right. One night, in 2008, we had our first kiss. Tyler informed me that he was leaving for Colorado for work, so we agreed to be friends. The whole time he was gone, we never spoke. I thought about him often, but heard he was dating other people. Then in 2010, my best friend, Krystal dragged me out for a night on the town. I really did not want to go, and was sulking at the bar when I saw Tyler from across the room. He looked up and our eyes locked; time felt like it was standing still. It truly felt like no one else was around. We exchanged smirks, and Tyler waved me over to him. We danced all night, and from that moment on, we spent every chance we could with each other.

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how they asked: For Valentine’s day in 2013, Tyler made me a book. Inside consisted of black and white photos of us, paired with all of our favorite quotes. Quotes from movies, books, and inside jokes lined the pages, as well as our horoscope information (we happen to be soulmates). I was so happy, I didn’t realize how much Tyler paid attention to every little thing I’ve ever said. I also had no idea that Tyler had a bigger role for this book to fill, other than being my favorite book in the entire world. Tyler had purposefully left the first page in the book blank. The first page was going to be key in his proposal, and I didn’t even notice that it was blank!

The next few weeks flew by. My birthday was on March 24th, and Tyler and I had barely spent any time together. Between him working, and me going to school full time this was a natural occurrence. But something was different this time. I could tell Tyler was planning a surprise for my birthday. Unknowingly when Tyler came home “late from work”, he had actually asked my dad for his blessing. Another day when he “went snowboarding”, Tyler was picking out my ring with his mother and my mother. My friends were using every spare day I had to go shopping, to the movies or out to lunch. Now I know, Tyler had put them up to this to occupy my time while he was planning the perfect proposal.

The morning of my birthday, my friends, Krystal Sandy and Alysia took me to get my nails done. Before I left, Tyler told me were spending my birthday at the beach. When I got home, Tyler had a dress laid out for me. My friends did my hair and makeup and Tyler and I were off to the beach for my birthday dinner. We had Dinner at the Fisherman’s Restaurant on the pier in San Clemente. After dinner we walked the beach to find a spot to enjoy the sunset. I kept on wanting to stop and pick spot to lay our towel out but Tyler wanted to keep walking down. Finally we arrived to life guard tower 9 and Tyler insisted we enjoy the view from up there.

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Proposal Ideas on Beach

At the top he asked me to close my eyes so I could receive my birthday present. When I opened them Tyler was holding our book. The one from Valentine’s day.

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Beach Marriage Proposal Ideas

He asked me to open it to the first page. The once blank page had been filled with a quote from one of our favorite movies, Big Fish. It read “Sometimes the only way to catch an uncatchable woman is to offer her a wedding ring.” When I put the book down, Tyler was already on one knee. I was so overwhelmed, I thought I must be dreaming. So much was happening all at once. Girls on the beach were cheering. Another couple that I thought were there to enjoy the sunset were suddenly taking pictures of us. Tyler was talking but I can’t remember what he was saying. I said “yes” ¬†and Tyler hugged me.

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Engagement Shoot at the Beach

Then he introduced me to Brett and Tori, the couple he hired to capture this moment. Tyler had given me the best birthday present of all…him. He made my birthday truly unforgettable and I’m so thankful that Brett and Tori Photography captured it all.

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Engagement Shoot at the Beach

Photos by Brett and Tori Photography