Most Romantic Long Distance Marriage Proposal Ever

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Omar and I met online 18 months ago. At first I thought this was strange. Not only because I (who swore of online dating) was scared, but also because he lived in London so far away from me in Los Angeles.

But his humor, good looks, and of course, his accent melted my heart and we quickly began emailing daily. Emails turned into phone calls (thank you Viber) and phone calls turned into Skype chats. We clicked instantly and fell in love fast.

By the time we decided to meet, we knew each other so well that a lifetime with him felt inevitable. We met and spent the 3 weeks he was in Los angeles seeing the sights and falling in love.

Since then, we’ve traveled back and forth and made this long distance relationship work. It is tough to be away from each other so much but when you find your person, it’s worth every moment. We are happy to finally end the long distance this coming January and start our lives together.

He is a dream come true in my life and I feel so blessed to know him and love him and soon, call him my husband.

Looking forward to a lifetime of happiness and fun!

Omar told me he would be working all weekend and with the time difference that meant we wouldn’t be able to Skype with each other. I was really bummed.

I was asked to work a marketing event that weekend too (apparently it was for some TV people and required “upscale cocktail attire”) I had no idea, but the marketing job was really for my secret surprise proposal.

I arrived and my friend was explaining the job to me but all of the sudden, people all around started singing a song from my favorite musical(RENT). I was thrilled (finally I was part of a flashmob! Cool!) little did I know that this flashmob would soon turn into my proposal.

Then my friends all walked out singing the same lyrics (but not the ones from the musical that I knew). I was confused but so happy to see all of these people I love so much surrounding me. It was so special.

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Then I started to listen to the lyrics and I realized they were saying how far away Omar and I were apart (5437 miles) and then it hit me! He’s here! So I turned around and there he was! You can tell by my scream how elated I was.

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Of course I said yes! Who could say no to that? He knows me so well and worked so hard for months to put it together. I couldn’t believe it and it was truly a dream come true.

Thanks for reading this and sharing in the moment with us! I can’t stop smiling :)