Jessica and Chip's Romantic La Jolla Proposal at Sunset

Romantic La Jolla Proposal at Sunset_47

How We Met: We first crossed paths while attending the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. Although we knew of each other through mutual friends, we really didn’t spend one on one time together until a few years after we graduated. I moved back to Wilmington, North Carolina, after completing Optometry school to practice. Chip heard I moved back into town andRomantic La Jolla Proposal at Sunset_1conveniently decided he needed to have his eyes checked. He came in for his eye exam and we caught up on old times. At the end of his appointment we set up a time to grab dinner in efforts to spark a friendship. Dinner dates became more frequent, and months passed by without me knowing Chip was interested in pursuing more than just friendship. After a year of friendly dinner dates, he finally worked up enough courage to express his true feelings. We planned our
first real date a couple of weeks later. Over dinner he continued to open up about his feelings for me and I instantly saw him in a new light. Weeks later, he had me over for dinner at his house and I noticed in his bathroom the unopened box of contact lenses I had prescribed him almost a year ago. He said his vision was actually fine, he just needed an excuse to ask me out to dinner! :) We will be getting married in Wilmington this September.

how they asked: We planned a family trip to California last November to support our cousin Taylor who was in the live rounds on NBC’s The Voice. Little did I know, Chip and my entire family were planning the surprise of a lifetime! For weeks, I had no clue that my life was about to change forever. My sister (and wedding photographer), talked me into “modeling” for her so she could add some west coast images to her portfolio. She said she was going to bring a dress and a floral crown so all I had to do was show up. The trip started in San Diego with a trip to the zoo and site seeing, and the shoot was going to take place in La Jolla at sunset on our way to Los Angeles. We were running behind all day and Melissa and Chip were so calm, saying if we missed sunset we could try a different day.

This really threw me off as part of me suspected he might propose, but with their carefree attitudes about the afternoon, I didn’t think it was happening. We arrived in La Jolla an hour or so before sunset.

Romantic La Jolla Proposal at Sunset_92

Melissa began photographing me and asked Chip to step in for a few. He was so resistant, but finally obliged.

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She slyly said she needed to “change her camera lens” and walked away from us…And then it happened.

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On November 8, 2014, Chip asked me to be his forever with my entire family (and a few strangers) there to witness this special moment. Melissa caught every detail on camera!

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After lots of happy tears, hugs, kisses, and more pictures, we all celebrated with dinner on the patio at Brockton Villa Restaurant overlooking the beautiful La Jolla coast.

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Photos by Melissa DeLorme Photography | Floral Crown by Pretty in the Details