Alyssa and Franz's Romantic Chicago Proposal

unqiue chicago proposal ideas-0008How we met: Ladies – you can still meet good men at dive bars!

Franz and I both work in downtown Chicago’s West Loop area. One spring Friday night, we were both at a good old dive-ish bar enjoying some beverages with some friends and co-workers, respectively. My friend and I were deep in conversation when Franz had seen me from across the bar. Franz and a friend approached us and during the short conversation we both realized we were interested in learning more about each other. Franz and I chatted a bit, but had to part early as the night was ending at the happy hour. Franz asked for my phone number, but comically enough, my phone had died, so a paper napkin did the trick. Franz wasn’t interested in waiting around and asked me out that next day. We ended up going to Comiskey Park for one of Franz’s favorite pass times – baseball! The game was great, I mean who doesn’t love a sunny Chicago afternoon complete with peanuts, beer and the White Sox. The date was even better and luckily turned into many more…

how they asked: Franz and I had plans like many other dates. But this one had a bit of a twist. Franz took charge of date night this special Wednesday night. I had a feeling something was up when Franz asked if I could get out of work early, but luckily was free and game for anything. A quick text at 4pm to confirm I was ready, prompted the beginning of what was going to be the most magical night ever.

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Ready to walk over to Franz’s work (lucky enough we work 2 blocks away from each other,) I gathered my things ready for the evening. But, Franz surprised me – your ride is here. Ride?!? We walk everywhere… this is weird? Excited to see what he meant, I headed downstairs to a limo waiting. I was hesitant, not thinking this fancy stretch limo was for me… But the driver confirmed and in I went.

Inside the limo there was a card and flowers. I opened the card only to read that I had a few things on my agenda. A quick trip to one of my favorite stores ended in a fancy dress and new shoes. I felt like a million bucks! Back in the limo which then pulled me up to one of our favorite places – The Chicago Art Institute.

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Franz, also dressed to the nines, opened the door and walked me up the steps. Both with big grins on our faces, Franz dropped to one knee and asked me the big question. I was so excited that not only did I forget to say yes, I didn’t even look for the ring. I went in for the kiss and a hug, yes obviously. Well, Franz had to ask again, this time slipping the ring on my finger, YES!

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The best part was, this magical moment had been captured in images. Franz had hired Chicago wedding photographer Collin Pierson so we would be able to cherish these pictures forever.

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The night continued with an engagement photo session around the city, champagne in the limo while we called our families to share the good news and a fabulous dinner to celebrate a magical night.

chicago engagement photos

Photos by Collin Pierson