Roma and Harsh

Roma's Proposal in Central Park, New York

How We Met

It was a beautiful summer afternoon. Harsh was sitting outside alongside his friends at a gathering. I thought I was late as I made my way down the sidewalk that led to my cousins birthday party in the backyard. As I stepped onto the pavement the wind started to blow my hair and, I noticed everyone looking my way. It was as though all attention was on me. From the side of my eye, I saw this man standing in green just in awe. I looked into his eyes as he looked into mine. There was just something about him that felt right … little did I know that this would be my future Mr. Right! It was simply, love at first sight!

Roma and Harsh's Engagement in Central Park, New York

How They Asked

It was a beautiful morning in December. The weather was right and time also. It was our 8th anniversary together as a couple. I thought I would be spending it with my love as I was getting ready in the morning. I was told that we would be going to New York City to celebrate our anniversary somewhere fancy. Little did I know that I would soon be walking into my own proposal! Everything was simply perfect.

He pre-planned my outfit and made sure my mother made me wear it and he also made sure that his outfit went along with mine. The theme was fancy. When he came to pick me up he gave me roses and kissed my forehead. He winked at my mother who was filled with joy in the background. When we arrived at Central Park I looked around to what looked like a beautiful view with lots of trees in the background.

I was both amazed and cold. And just before I could look further I heard Harsh say, my love. When I looked down he bent down on one knee and said: “will you marry me?” I was speechless and filled with so much joy. I hugged and kissed him and said yes! It was just the most perfect proposal in the winter wonderland.

Special Thanks

Vlad Leto
 | Photographer