Roland and Laura

Image 1 of Roland and Laura
Well I’ve always been known as the guy who loves life and lives to pull pranks. I feel in love with Laura and it’s been an amazing ride. Laura is like my son’s real mother in all our eyes. This was very important to me that Laura and my son would love each other as mother and son. They do and we’re a very happy family. Anyways I fell head over heels for Laura since day one. She got to experience my love for life and my great sense of humor on the daily basis. I talked to my son about asking Laura to marry me. He couldn’t have been more happy and excited for us. Well I bought Laura an engagement ring and planned a day to ask her for her hand. I also asked Laura’s sister before hand for her permission to marry Laura. She was happy and said yes of course. So I planned the big day to ask Laura. It was all set and the day arrived. My son had the ring in a box in his pocket. I got down on my knee and asked Laura to marry me. She turned me down. She said she wasn’t falling for one of my jokes….after all it was April’s Day. So my son even said I was serious but Laura wasn’t buying the April Fools joke. We went to her sister’s house the next day and her sister kept looking at Laura’s hand….no ring. She pulled me to the side and asked me why Laura wasn’t wearing her engagement ring. I told her that Laura thought it was just an April Fools joke. Needless to say she went and talked to Laura stating that I had asked for her permission to marry Laura. She even told Laura that she knew about the ring and the proposal. Laura started crying and told us she really thought it was an April’s Fool joke. Well we’re getting married June 16, 2018…..after she finally said yes. So yes any of these gifts would be a great wedding gift.

Image 2 of Roland and Laura