Rohan and Britney

How We Met

Rohan and I were on the same floor our freshman year of college. We spent some time together that year but weren’t that close because we didn’t share the same core group of friends. In our sophomore year, Rohan ended up living in a suite with some guys I was close to. We started spending more time together and when I needed a co-DJ to start a new radio show, he was quick to volunteer.

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Our radio show was called Bananas in Pajamas. Since we were low on the totem pole for picking a time for our show, we ended up with a slot from 2 to 3 am on Friday. Every week, we would meet on Thursday evenings in his suite to build our playlist and hang out until it was time to make the walk across the empty campus to the radio station. On our walks, we would talk about everything under the sun, from our pasts to our fears to our hopes and dreams. I always found it so easy to open up and talk to Rohan and he quickly became a treasured friend.

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A year after starting the radio show (you’ll notice a common theme in our relationship is that nothing was rushed), we went on our first official date to get some ice cream at Ted Drewes and the rest is history!

how they asked

We both still feel a very strong connection to where we went to college in St. Louis, so we like to visit every few years. We planned a visit this year for a long weekend so we could eat at our favorite restaurants and visit some of the places that are so jam-packed with good memories. Since we had been dating almost 7 years and I had overheard some suspicious conversations, I was pretty sure Rohan would propose but I had no idea when or how. As the weekend went on without even a hint of a ring, I started to get less confident about it.

On our last day of the trip, I came back to the bedroom of our AirBNB after my shower expecting we would head to the art museum as originally planned. Instead, Rohan was nowhere in sight but the bed had been made and there were now four items sitting on top of it – headphones, a CD, a portable CD player, and an instruction manual for the CD player (in case I had forgotten how it worked)

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The CD sleeve had ‘PLAY ME! Go to Vintage Vinyl and ask for package for Britney’ written on it. With tears already welling up in my eyes, I put the CD in the player, hit play, and heard Rohan’s voice:

“Spoiler alert, today I’m going to ask you to marry me. But first, I want to walk you around to some of our favorite places and tell you why I want to spend the rest of my life with you”

By this point, I was full on crying tears of joy. It was so much more than I had ever imagined or expected. I ran down to the front door of the house to start my walk to our favorite vinyl store only to find that it was pouring down rain. I learned afterward that Rohan had been checking the forecast for weeks ahead of time and there wasn’t any chance of rain that day. Even that morning we had checked the weather and there was only a slight chance of rain. But there it was, raining so hard it was difficult to see two feet ahead.

I debated walking in the rain anyways because I didn’t want to keep Rohan waiting and was so excited for what was to come. But in the recorded track he had specifically told me to relax and take my time so I decided to do just that. I stood on the porch watching the rain come down, figuring it had to calm down eventually.

Finally, the rain subsided and the radar looked decently clear, so I decided to go for it. I started the 20-minute walk to the vinyl store while listening to the rest of the CD. Rohan had created a mix of my favorite songs, snippets of us from our radio show, and tracks of him talking about memories and our relationship. He had even timed the CD to match the length of the walk. It was absolutely perfect.

When I got to the vinyl store, I went to the desk and asked for my package. With a twinkle in his eye that told me he knew what was happening, the man handed me a second CD and an umbrella. It was very fortunate Rohan left me that umbrella because as I walked out of the store it had started to rain again.

The second CD told me to go to Kayaks, a coffee shop near campus where we went on dinner and coffee dates. Luckily the rain was light enough that the umbrella could keep me mostly dry so I walked to the shop while listening to the second CD of music and memories.

The CD at Kayaks told me to go to the library on campus, where we spent so many hours together studying. At the library, I was handed a fourth CD that had a question mark written on the sleeve instead of a location. I wanted to wander around the campus while listening to this last CD, but I found the rain coming down hard again as I walked out of the library so I instead I stood under the awning outside the door as I listened.

The last CD was much shorter and had some of my all-time favorite songs and snippets from the most memorable radio shows for the both of us. In the second to last track, I hear Rohan’s voice again:

“When you’re ready, I’ll be waiting for you under our tree on campus. I really hope you’ll say yes”

I then hear my favorite song play through the headphones – To Build a Home. It was still pouring down rain so I debated waiting for it to subside before leaving. But I knew Rohan was waiting for me and I wanted nothing else but to get to him as soon as possible. So I ran through the rain to that special tree we had passed on every walk to our radio show.

There he was, soaking wet and standing under the tree waiting for me. We were both so overcome with emotion that we immediately hugged each other. Rohan then apologized for the rain (which I wouldn’t take back for the world) and told me he’s not perfect and life isn’t perfect but that he loves me and wants to be with me for the rest of his life if I’ll have him. He dropped to one knee in the wet grass and asked if I would marry him. Not wanting to be so far away, I dropped down as well to say yes.