Rogina and Amir

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How We Met

5 years ago, on August 4th, 2013 I met the love of my life.

We coincidentally met at a wedding.. that Amir actually didn’t know he was invited to until the day of (how thankfully he went!) During the reception as I scanned through a crowd of unfamiliar faces, our eyes made contact at the same time… awkward! Yet at that moment that we laid eyes on each other we both felt an indescribable spark and connection, that was deeper than the embarrassment of the awkward eye contact. As we danced the night away it felt like the whole world was still and we were the only two on the dance floor. Due to the wedding consisting of strict foreign family, we didn’t get the opportunity to talk until finally the end of the night.

We ended up having a very deep and personal heart-to-heart conversation and the entire time all I could think about was, “who is this guy, where did he come from, why do I feel like I’ve known him all my life, wow he is so handsome, such a gentleman, he’s so funny, and woowww those green-blue eyes are so dreamy!”

Yet being who I am; closely guarded and living for the chase… I refused to give him my phone number and told him that if he really wanted to get to know me he’d have to somehow work hard to get my number first. Let me add that – he lives in Atlanta, Georgia and I had a flight back home to Dallas, Texas in the morning! (I definitely didn’t make it easy, sorry babe!)

Thankfully, a week later, after asking around about me and trying to get my number from my cousins and close friends, he finally got lucky (thank God!!)

Ever since we’ve been inseparable and we haven’t gone a day without talking to each other – throughout 5 years of phone calls to hear each other’s voice, FaceTime calls to see each other, and back and forth flights every month to hold each other. Although the distance is certainly a challenge, the love we have for each other is absolutely worth it all! Amir, you are the man of my dreams and you’ve changed my life with your compassionate heart from the moment we met. I can’t thank God enough for blessing me with you!

How They Asked

For a while we had been planning to go on a friends-giving trip with a few of our close friends, yet little did I know the “friends-giving” trip was actually a secret proposal trip that Amir had been planning for several months earlier. All of our friends were in on it and surprisingly doing such a good job keeping it a complete secret from me! Knowing how I am, Amir made sure I was involved in the “friends-giving” trip planning process, from helping pick out the location, rental house, to choosing the activities, so that I wouldn’t get suspicious. Smart move! Meanwhile, with the help of my best friend, he was working on planning every little detail of the proposal, from making arrangements for a photographer, videographer, florist and making sure my mom would be there, to make it extra special.

As I was telling my mom about our friends-giving trip to Destin she was so surprised (or so she acted) and told me that she coincidentally had a business trip during that weekend nearby in Pensacola and she could come, spend time with us after her meeting! I was so amazed at the coincidence, yet I didn’t think to question it or be suspicious because she often has business trips in Florida.

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The week leading up to the trip, my brother and I spent it in Atlanta for Thanksgiving with Amir’s family. That entire week Amir kept making excuses about how busy he was and all the work he needed to do before going out of town, so he suggested that I should go to the mall and nail salon to keep busy while he worked so that I don’t get bored. It made complete sense to me since he’s always busy with work and I didn’t want to get suck at his office waiting for him, so I didn’t hesitate at the opportunity to go shopping and get my nails done for the trip! Meanwhile, it was all an excuse to distract me and keep me away while he and my brother hand made and created a huge “marry me” sign with roses!! Once they finished creating it, they made it disassemblable, so that they could take it apart, cover and hide it in the truck while we drove down for the trip, and reassemble it once it was time. (How insane and genius!) Meanwhile, I was absolutely clueless!

The weekend of the “friends-giving” trip finally came along and we drove down to Destin beach in Florida. I was so thrilled to simply be spending a fun weekend with Amir and our friends! Ever since we looked at rings over the summer, I had been suspicious about when he’d propose. Yet throughout the trip everyone was doing too good of a job keeping it a secret so naturally, that I didn’t have a reason to speculate and I was so distracted by all the fun I was having that it didn’t cross my mind much!

November 24th, 2018, little did I know would be the most magical day of my life…

Rogina and Amir's Engagement in Destin, Florida

We planned to take pictures on the beach during sunset, which I thought was my idea and I even packed my camera to use it for our mini photoshoot! As my girls and I helped each other choose what to wear from our overpacked luggage, I was about to wear a typical short white dress.. yet they spotted a long red dress in my luggage and they all insisted that I wear it because I never wear red and it would look better for our “photoshoot!” I was hesitant because it was a little dramatic, yet I gave in and listened to them because it was literally me against all of them. (thank you, girls, for peer pressuring me into that beautiful decision!)

Meanwhile, as the girls and I were taking forever as always to do our hair and makeup.. the guys were assembling the secret “marry me” sign.

My mom arrived after her “meeting,” and although I didn’t think much of her coincidental work trip before.. seeing her there made me quickly have an emotional feeling. Everyone left to the beach ahead of us, and Amir’s excuse to that was because I took the longest to get ready (typical of me!) so we were waiting for his cousin to pick us up in the golf cart to meet everyone at the beach.

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We arrived to the beach entrance gate and Amir slowly pulled out of his pocket a red blindfold. Confusion filled my head, and then suspicion kicked in. “Trust me and put this on,” he requested as I resisted due to how random that was and my makeup! I kept resisting then I finally gave up as he kept telling me to trust him. The blindfold was on and I felt it in my heart and guts. He swept me off my feet and carried me down the steps.. then he held my hand and guided me down the beach as I followed him blindfolded with my heart sinking to my stomach. I slowly started to hear our song Breathless by Shayne Ward, as we walked closer and our song got louder the tears poured in under my blindfold.

Rogina's Proposal in Destin, Florida

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Marriage Proposal Ideas in Destin, Florida

He stood still and gently took off my blindfold. As I slowly opened my eyes.. my fairytale dream unveiled before my eyes, I looked up to see a huge sign made of red roses spelling out “MARRY ME” with the waves of beach and beautiful sunset in the background, and two doves flying above us in the sky… my best friend, my soulmate that God created for me, and man of my dreams was down on one knee with his watery eyes glaring at me so bright and full of love. The moment we’ve dreamt of since we first laid eyes on each other was finally here. In his hand laid a little black box with my beautiful dream diamond ring! My heart was about to explode and tears were flooding my face, as he uttered the question we’ve both fantasied about over the past 5 years… “Gina, will you marry me?” I was over-filled with joy, happiness, and excitement, that I literally forgot how to speak for a second as my heart was quickly pounding. “Yes, Amir, yes!” I responded! I couldn’t stop crying, smiling and laughing as he almost put the ring on the wrong finger, the middle finger! We hugged so tightly as he sang our beautiful song to me, and once again like the day we met, it felt as if the entire world was still and it was just him and I. I repeatedly asked if this was a dream. It truly felt like I was dreaming – except this was even better than my dreams.

As the music stopped, our friends and family were there cheering us on!

I’m still speechless and stunned over this magical fairytale surprise. God’s timing is truly perfect! Amir, I love you with all of me, more than words can describe. Thank you for always going above and beyond to make all of my dreams come true, and for your sweet pure love. I can’t wait to marry and spend a lifetime with my best friend!!

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