Roey and Andrew

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How We Met

In January of 2011 Andrew was a junior and I was a sophomore in high school in a town of 700 people. As a junior, Andrew needed to decide who he was going to take to prom. For the next 5 months, he liked me a whole lot and I found him pretty stalker-ish. After some convincing from a friend, I decided to give him a shot and we began dating a couple weeks before prom. And as they all say, and the rest is history. Unfortunately, that was not the case. As Andrew left for college two hours away and I began my senior year in high school, we began to understand how hard a long distance relationship was and the difficulties that came with all the temptations of college. Making our relationship work throughout this time, I then entered college just 30 minutes from his.

In my freshman year, Andrew decided that he wanted to have a single college life and we split for several months. After both of us realized that we both couldn’t live without each other, we were able to rekindle our feelings. At the end of my freshman year and Andrew’s sophomore year, my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. As devastating as this was, Andrew stood by me through it all. As Andrew and I had already been together for three years, my dad and him were able to form a strong relationship, often working together on Andrew’s dad’s farm together. As Andrew was with me as my dad took his last breath, I knew that he was going to be the one that I would be with forever.

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how they asked

Lake Tahoe is a very special place for us as we were asked to fly from Iowa to Lake Tahoe, California in the summer of 2014 to pick up some mutual friend’s dogs and drive them the whole 1,600 miles home. This drive home was enough to drive each other insane, but also learn about each other and the laughs that we had. Every summer since that, I have spent every summer in Lake Tahoe and refer to it as my “happy place”, the place that I feel closest to my dad, high in the mountains.

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The same friends that we traveled to Lake Tahoe to get the dogs contacted me a couple days before my final, senior year spring break, asking me if I would come out and spend a couple days with them watching their son. Little did I know that this was a ploy to get me out there to get ENGAGED. Andrew told me that he had a business meeting in Northwest Iowa on that Monday night- Andrew didn’t have a business meeting. Little did i know that he was flying out on the Monday before I was flying out on the next day. A driver picked me up from the airport and was in on the whole thing. He dropped me off at a beach and told me to walk down a path to meet up with the “family” that I originally thought i was going out to see. As i walked down the path, there was Andrew waiting for me.

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He originally proposed with my mom’s engagement and wedding ring because he wanted the engagement to feel as though I was surrounded by my mom and dad. After saying yes to my mom’s ring he proceeded to ask me again with my own engagement ring. And of course, I SAID YES!!

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