Roen and Alex

How We Met

Alex and I met almost 11 years to the day we got engaged. I grew up on the West Coast and moved across the country to the East coast for university. It was the first day of term and we were in the same English class. I noticed him in the third row due to his bright red hair, but always tend to sit in the front of the class so we never actually met. A couple weeks into the term I received an online message from him, not knowing who it was until he mentioned his red hair. We became good friends during our time at university, to the point where we were even roommates in my third year.

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After graduation, I moved back to the West Coast to complete my graduate degree, and Alex stayed behind in NS. We always stayed close and communicated almost every day, but still remained “just friends”.

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After completing my Master’s degree, I accepted a job that required me to move to a new city. About a month after moving, I got word from Alex he needed a change of pace and had decided to move with his then girlfriend to his mom’s empty condo that just happened to be in the same city I had moved to. Coincidentally, my apartment just happened to be about a 10 minute walk from where his condo was. Shortly after moving from NS things went sideways with his then girlfriend (for some reason she didn’t seem to like me…) and couple of months after their breakup, one thing led to another, and we both finally admitted that although we were best friends, maybe there was something more. And we have been ‘officially’ together ever since, which is more than five years now.

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how they asked

I was honestly shocked when Alex proposed. We had talked about marriage at some point in the future, but not any time soon. Although I was keen to get engaged, Alex made it seem like it was not one of his top priorities. So I continued watching all of my close friends get engaged and married, and I had come to terms with the fact that it was not going to happen for me any time soon. Every time we would walk by a jewelry store I was suggest, “maybe we should just take a look”, but he would always brush it off with some excuse along the lines of, “we should buy a house first”, “what’s the rush”, or, “but we have a dog, isn’t that enough for now?”.

Both Alex and I are HUGE fans of Dave Matthews Band. Every year we go with friends to the Gorge Amphitheatre in Washington to see the annual 3 day DMB concert over Labour Day weekend. This year was like any other. The Friday afternoon of the first concert we arrived at the Gorge and set up our chairs etc. to prepare for some tail-gating before the show. Alex said he wanted to go in early to get a poster before they were sold out, but when we got to the entry gates we were not allowed to go in for the poster, leave, and then come back later for the concert. So we forgoed the idea (little did I know Alex had planned to propose at the top of the hill that overlooks the Amphitheatre, and he was trying to get in early to propose before any crowds arrived). So to me it was not a big deal, I couldn’t understand why he was so disappointed by not getting a poster! He also ended up having the ring in his pocket all night and I had no idea.On the way back to our car we walked past Cave B Winery which is located right next to the Gorge and parking area. There was a big sign that said ‘Wine Tasting’, and we were going to go but then Alex said, nah, let’s go back to our own cooler instead, so we did.

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The next day our friends arrived and it was Alex’s birthday. So we celebrated his birthday during day 2 of the concert. On day three of the show we arrived early, set up our chairs and started some tail gating. Our friend (Dave) and Alex said they still really wanted to try and get a poster for the show (it was DMB’s 50th show at the Gorge that night), so they left to try and get in early again. Little did I know Dave and Alex had gone to beg the gate person to let them in early so Alex could propose, but they had no luck. Alex came back but Dave had apparently found the winery and decided he wanted to go wine tasting. Alex then got a phone call from Dave, saying that we should really come over to do some wine tasting. It sounded like fun, so Alex and I went over to the winery (Dave’s girl friend had no idea about the proposal, so she decided to stay behind).We found Dave and he kept saying, “it’s just over here, it’s just over here”. Then Alex said, “we should take a picture”. I thought this was strange because I am usually the one who wants to take pictures, but I brushed it off. Then Dave kept telling me to put my drink down so it wasn’t in the picture, which I also thought was odd. So I put my drink down, looked out at the scenery, Dave was getting us into position to take a nice photo, and the next thing I knew Alex was pulling something out of his pocket and getting down on one knee. I was absolutely shocked when he pulled out the ring and asked. Which went something like this:

Alex: “Well, will you marry me?”
Roen: “Are you serious?”
Alex: “Yes”
Roen: Really?”
Alex: “Yes”
Roen: Really!?!!”
Alex: “Yes!”
Roen: “YES!”

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Lucky for us, we also had Dave there to take photos.Although, if I had known what was about to take place I would have at least taken off my hoody!

Of course we then had to tell our parents and best friends. When we told my dad where we had just got engaged, he thought it was pretty neat because when he remarried they honeymooned at the same winery, and Alex had no idea! Also, Alex had apparently talked to my dad 6 months before he proposed to ask for his permission, and he managed to keep it a secret!

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