Rodrigo and Kate

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How We Met

Rod and I met in December of 2014 as patients at an in-patient adolescent mental health unit in Sydney. I know I know, I can imagine your reaction already! Just wait and hear the rest…At the time, we were both going through great difficulties in life and needed a safe space to heal. When I was admitted, he was already a patient there and was coming to the end of his stay. At first, we hadn’t really paid much attention to each other, until one day we just…..clicked! We became friends – attended group therapies together, supported each other, spent all our free time together, and played games.

There was a moment when one evening, we sat on a lounge overlooking a window with the city skyline where we played 21 questions. We got to know each other deeply and learned each other’s values, aspirations and what makes each other “tick”…it was there where we started to fall for each other. Late December rolls around, and it’s time to be discharged as Christmas is approaching, and the facility is closing. We were together for hours on the last day in the cafeteria talking, until finally, my father arrived to pick me up. Before I had to leave, I can see he was paralyzed with fear and nerves to ask for my number. I waited fifteen minutes for him to ask and threw at him all the hints I could, but he just couldn’t do it…so I summoned up the courage and took it upon myself to ask for his phone and put my number in for him which in retrospect was completely out of character for me, especially during that time!

Messaging 24/7, we talked all throughout the rest of December, over Christmas, and until New Year’s Eve, when he asked if we could spend it together. It was at midnight on New Year’s Eve (well new year’s day now?) that he asked me to be his girlfriend, and I said yes! Fast forward to today, we have had the 7.5 happiest and healthiest years of our lives with our mental illness a distant memory.

How They Asked

It all started a few months ago! He told me he had found a post to win a couples photoshoot competition with our favorite photographer! He had since mentioned this a few times, so I encouraged him to apply. In the last week of April, I received an email saying we had won the competition! I was so surprised. Fast forward to May 6th2022, we are on our way to the city for the couple’s photoshoot.

We pulled up to the building, I got out of the car. Some people from the “photography company” are downstairs waiting for us, and tell Rod to head on upstairs to fill out forms, whilst I wait for the photographer. After a while, I was told I needed to fill out some forms too. So I head upstairs to the “studio”.I follow the “photography assistants” upstairs, and as she puts the key in the door, she asks me to go first. I open the door to a walkway of petals, and light-up signs saying “Marry Me”. My partner standing in the middle of what seems to be the perfect view of Sydney Harbour. Rod then proposed, an apartment in the city, in front of a magnificent view of Sydney Harbour. I soon found out that he has rented out the apartment for the entire weekend! And the photographer was real! He had organized his own photographer to shoot the entire proposal, and organized our engagement photos straight after!

PS: I said yes!

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