Rodney and Milly

Where to Propose in Miami, South Point Park

How They Asked

After purchasing the ring, I didn’t quite know how I would propose, I just knew I had to catch her off guard. Since we were headed to Miami for my birthday, I figured that would be the perfect place to propose. Milly is the type of woman who’s always looking for the
perfect picture. She loves photographs and videos. Knowing this, I knew I had to get someone to record or photograph our moment, regardless of how I did it. That’s what led me to Tova Photography. Her idea was perfect! I decided to propose on our last day in Miami. I arranged to meet at Tova at South Point Park around 6:30.

After arriving, we proceeded to walk holding hands, down the designated path to the most beautiful view of the ocean. I was so nervous. I guess I didn’t account for all the people on the beach. It was at that point we started taking selfies. Now Milly, who’s always looking for that perfect picture, decided to ask someone to snap a few pics of us near the pier. That person just happened to be Tova, our secret photographer. I thought that was hilarious! She had no idea! A few minutes later, I dropped down on one knee and created the perfect picture that she was looking for. The beach erupted in cheers. At that time I introduced her to our photographer and walked along the beach continuing our photoshoot.

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Special Thanks

Tova Photography
 | Photographer
Lisette Medina- Laya
 | Planning
Olivia Lewis
 | Planning