Rod and Andrea

Rod's Proposal in Charleston

How We Met

We had been best friends for almost 2 years before we started dating. In those years we went on some unforgettable road trips & event some out of the country!

How They Asked

Y’all, I truly believe God put this woman on earth to one day be my wife. It worked out with me being the true and her being a 28 that I got to do this today – March 28th, 2020. I planned on doing this a long time ago – here’s the story of how we got to today!

Like any other woman, she has been hinting at me popping the question for months. Added me to the Pinterest board, showed me her ring choices/ sizes and let me know the basic engagement rules (ex. It has to be on a day when nails and hair are ready). I heard it all, but honestly, I was just chilling until one day the Lord spoke to me and told me to go ahead and lock her down.

So…here begins my journey for the ring. After months of trying to customize, mix and match diamonds with settings, I finally found the perfect ring for my future bride. I try to order it, but it doesn’t go through, so I ordered it again. When I look in my email I got not one, but two email confirmations. To add to it I had passed the time to cancel the order, so I have to wait until I pick up the ring from the store I ordered it from to return it. It should be here before our upcoming anniversary though. Everything was going according to plan: Friday night I’m taking her to a fancy restaurant & Saturday we can go hiking and when we get to the top there will be a waterfall waiting for us! Sounds like a feasible plan A right? Well, the ring didn’t come in at the right time, so I couldn’t propose that weekend. She was slick expecting it and even started hinting at a proposal as we started to look at engagement rings together (since clearly she didn’t know I already bought the ring). Somehow, someway…this woman finds the EXACT SAME style ring I just bought. Just in a different color. She looks at the picture, looks at me and says… “I hate this.” I chuckle on the outside, but on the inside, my heart has dropped down to my stomach. I’m confused since it was almost identical to the rings she had on her Pinterest.

Rod and Andrea's Engagement in Charleston

Luckily, after some discussion, we realized it was the color and not the design. She then goes on to find the ACTUAL RING I bought her, says this is the best ring she has ever seen and proceeds to send me a picture so I wouldn’t forget. In my head, I’m thinking 😏😏😏. Little did I know 2020 had a different plan in store for me. When we got back from the weekend, we stopped at a jewelry store “for inspiration” and realized that she is actually an entire size smaller than the ring I ordered. Just as an update: we still are in the middle of a pandemic, the stores have all closed, and I have 2 rings in the wrong size being delivered to this closed store. My plan of the waterfall was wasted and now my plans of proposing at the ax-throwing spot or church are done for due to the quarantine. I had no idea what I’m about to do so I call customer service.

They told me, they can’t return my money until after the pandemic was over, but if I was willing to I could order A THIRD ring that could be delivered to my house. After my credit card company tells me I don’t have to pay off my bill for a while, I decide…why not 😂. So I order this third ring to be delivered, but the tracking number doesn’t work. For 3 days I’m thinking my package is lost until my girlfriend text me saying she signed for one of my packages. LUCKILY the box was inconspicuous and I prepared for this by telling her I ordered something and was expecting a package. So she still has no idea. I am on Plan P or Q now as I was going to take her on a picnic by the giant tree from the notebook in James Island. Fast forward and the quarantine has shifted all plans and even her work schedule and I am now on plan Z – thinking to myself “I just have to improvise.”

So I devised what would be the final plan: I tell her that 3/28 would be our holiday every year, that she needs to do her nails and hair for this special holiday. Today we were supposed to do nothing but enjoy time with the other person. And to throw her off the tracks she believes that the ring I ordered wouldn’t be here until after the pandemic (technically…not lying).

I am ecstatic to say that the plan was a success. She said Yea! She loved the ring, the proposal and all the work I put in to make this a special day. All in all, I would do it all again to see the happiness on her face that I saw today.

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