Rocky and Sheryl

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How We Met

10 years ago, what I thought was already an amazing friendship, turned out to be much more. I met the love of my life, Rocky Mangona. I never thought in a million years I was going to be so lucky to have found my better half, my best friend, my soul mate, and the one I was going to spend the rest of my life with. I was 19 and going to college when I met Rocky. We worked together at an electronic store and we shared some of the greatest laughs to get us through those tough work days. Truthfully, although we were just friends, I always felt like there was something more between us.

how they asked

September 17, 2010, Rocky asked me to be his girlfriend on the beach of Santa Monica, California. 6 years of love, laughter, and incredible memories pass by and before you know it September 17, 2016 was not only our 6 year Anniversary, but it happened to be the BEST day of my life.

We promised that we wouldn’t get each other any gifts for our anniversary, and I am sure glad he broke his promise that day. Instead, we planned a couple’s massage at Burke Williams in Santa Monica, followed by watching the sunset on the beach, and ending the night with a nice dinner on the pier. Being the romantic that he is, I had absolutely no clue what else he had in store that day. After the massage, we made our way to the beach. We parked and started walking to the “spot.” We stopped on the sand not too far away from the shore.

He was supposed to lay a blanket out for us to sit on but instead, he grabbed both of my hands and said a few words to me. Before you know it, he was down on one knee. I felt my heart racing with a millions tears rushing down my face. We we’re surrounded by random beach-goers watching it all unfold but nothing else mattered at that moment. All I can hear at that time are the words every girl has dreamed about since they we’re little. He finally asked the question, “Will you marry me?”

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OF COURSE, I SAID YESSSS!!! I could not take my eyes off the beautiful ring. It was everything I had ever imagined. It was perfect. After he placed the beautiful ring on my finger, he told me to look up and pointed at the edge of the pier.

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There they were…our families holding up engagement signs and cheering us on during this special moment.

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He had everything planned out! To my surprise once again, my two cousins and two brothers popped out of their disguises on the beach and continued to capture every moment.

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Everything was surreal at that moment and until this day, I can’t believe we’re finally engaged. I truly feel like I am living a dream and I cannot wait to marry my best friend. He is the reason why I know what love is. 6 years down and forever to go, and that is how our love story began.

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