Juli and Steven's Rockefeller Center Proposal on Ice

Image 1 of Juli and Steven's Rockefeller Center Proposal on IceHow We Met: Steve and I met on January 4, 2011. After a long night of serving, I was invited to a friends house to hang out. I don’t remember much except for an empty bottle of Crown Royal, a lot of chicken nuggets and a lot of laughing.

I think subconsciously I knew he was the one when we met. I got his number and didn’t leave him alone until he eventually asked me out on our first date.

how they asked: We have a little tradition of visiting NYC in December around my birthday and Christmas to see the tree in Rockefeller and all the Christmas lights. So when Steve suggested we make the trip again this past season it wasn’t out of the ordinary.

So on Saturday December 20th we woke up and got ready to head into the city. We drove about half way and then took the train the rest of the way. We got into the city and stopped at Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar for lunch before getting to our hotel. It was a bit of a surprise when we made it to our hotel, Ink48, and were told that they had upgraded us to one of their suites. I just thought it was our lucky day! We hung out in the room for a bit until it got dark out so we could fully enjoy all the lights.

Image 2 of Juli and Steven's Rockefeller Center Proposal on IceAs we made our way toward Rockefeller Center it was easy to see we would have some trouble making it to the tree because everyone in the city had the same idea we did. We decided to warm up for a bit and stopped in a bar for a couple of drinks. After that it was a bit easier to walk around and we finally made it to the tree.

Once we took our typical touristy selfies in front of the tree I mentioned we should try and catch a glimpse of the ice rink. That’s when Steve dropped the first of many surprised of the weekend. He told me he bought VIP tickets so we could actually go ice skating ourselves! It was a bit of an adventure trying to figure out where to go to and how to get to the VIP tent. We finally made it and I was about as giddy as one could be. Or so I thought.

I’m not much of an ice skater, compared to my hockey playing fiance, so I was mostly focused on staying vertical and not running over those who had fallen. This must have been some relief to Steve, who thought he was being pretty obvious with the ring in his pocket. We had stopped and asked a very nice gentleman if he could take our picture in front of the tree, then kept on skating. About 20 minutes of being on the ice, the big moment came. Steve had squeezed my hand a little bit and started talking. We had had a moment on the train ride up where I just started listing all the little quirks and personality traits that I loved most about him, and he brought it all back up and the rest I can’t really remember.

As Steve got down on one knee, that same gentleman that took our picture in front of the tree, skated up and asked Steve for his phone. He was able to capture one of the two videos we have of Steve proposing. I like to think that gentleman was our guardian angel that night.

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After every one that had gathered around us went back to skating, Steve and I were just standing there, trying to take it all in. He eventually motioned to the the people standing up along the wall looking down on the rink. There was so much that had just happened that I didn’t immediately realize what he was actually pointing at.

My lovely fiance had invited two of our friends up to take pictures and videos of the whole proposal. Surprise number three. We soon left the ice and met up with our friends and began the celebrations. It was the most wonderful night of my life, and I would like to think his too.

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