Rochelle and Calvin

How We Met: Calvin and I first met through a mutual friend we shared in the fall semester of 2009 at Southern Adventist University in Collegedale, TN. The unofficial game of tag had begun. For the next year and a half, we would run into each other on and off at different venues around campus, with only questions to quench the thirst that became all too real. We each had heard so much about the other and wanted to know more, but the circumstances of life kept our eventual love at a simmer for the time being.

It wasn’t until the beginning of our senior year of college in the fall of 2011 that Calvin and I ironically ended up living in the same apartment complex at Southern. As usual we kept running into each other on and off for several weeks until one day, God stepped in and played matchmaker. As I was walking out of class on my way to the gym, Calvin, who was in his vehicle in the adjacent parking lot, took the initiative to drive up to me, give me his number and speed off. As I stood there in shock all I could do was giggle. I mean, it’s not like he was driving a porche or something: he was driving his beat-up, 1994 Toyota Previa mini-van, American flag stripes on the side included. I had never met anyone as confident. I was definitely intrigued.

As the days turned to weeks and the weeks to months, we found that not a second would pass by that we would not want to be in the company of the other. On the night’s that we hung out and walked to the playground like we usually did after a busy week, I found myself strangely comfortable around him as we sat on the swings. Each night was different yet similar, simplistic and yet magical, as we often found ourselves talking about our hopes, fears, and dreams for the future. I’d never opened up to any guy about such things. From that moment on, deep down I knew what we had was special. God’s timing is always the best timing.


how they asked: I booked a plane ticket on Wednesday and flew into Atlanta, GA on Friday prepared for a great weekend with my man, completely oblivious to what was to come.

At first everything seemed normal. On Saturday, Calvin said that we were going to concert that he had to play for. Him being a musician, I didn’t question it. On our way to the “concert”, we made a stop to look for pants of all things. I should have known something was up when he took forever to get dressed. He kept asking me to bring him more and more pants.

Finally, he found what he was looking for and we were ready to go. On our way to the concert we were jamming out to some good music when our song came on. We turned the volume up and just reminisced on our past times together and love for each other. Once we made it to the concert, we walked to the entrance of the church together. Calvin turned, looked at me, and told me to count t0 100. At that moment, I knew something was up. It was so cold outside! I could barely breathe because I knew that this was it lol

As soon as I went inside though, immediately my heart was warmed. I began to cry. I was so nervous. I could barely walk. My heart was beating so fast. Instead of a “concert”, Calvin had created an art gallery with paintings and artifacts from over the course of our relationship, a big personal plus for my love of art.

I walked through the museum of our relationship and then into the sanctuary, where Calvin was waiting with his guitar, singing and playing me a love song. As soon as I saw him, I began crying even more. Once he finished playing, he put his guitar down, stood up, held my hands, and told me how much I meant to him. Then he dropped down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was at a loss for words and couldn’t speak. All I could do was shake my head ‘YES’! Then he grabbed my hand. We’ve never looked back.